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Vagina rubbed raw inside
sondia posted:
I, for the first time, have been rubbed raw inside. It hurts sooooo bad that I don't know what to do!!! It hurts to pee, walk, sit!!! I cannot make love with my future husband and I do not have medical insurance to go get checked. We made love one night , 5 days ago and I all the sudden felt like he had a razor blade on his penis!!! It hurt so bad and it is not far from the entrance. About 1 1/2 - 2 inches inside. Somebody tell me that you have been through this! I need help!!! It is not something I have ever encountered before!
Georgiagail responded:
It's not unusual that one might feel a bit irritated after vaginal intercourse. However, this irritation typically lasts only a day or two. The fact this is still going on five days later and is so painful would imply a tear or something more serious than simple irritation.

You need to be checked out medically, insurance or not.

Camryn34 responded:
Like Gail said, it sounds like a tear. Did he mention that he felt a loss of lubrication and uncomfortable friction? Sometimes after prolonged sex things have started to get uncomfortable for me. I would go to a health unit to be checked if the pain doesn't go away. Good luck.
eddiessexgoddess responded:
Go to Planned Parenthood if you don't have insurance. They provide gynecological services on a sliding fee basis that's dependant on your income.
mm0225 responded:
think that's what am going through. does it hurt worse after he ejaculates?
bluepitbull1985 responded:
I have something simular i have been to planned parenthood several times. i see someone different each time so it can be frustrating. i just went last weekend and they think it could be the nuva ring it the birth control ring that you stick inside of you. they think maybe my body is reacting to something it is comeing in contact with. i swtiched lubes and it helped for a little bit. i have been going throught this for a about a year. i have changed everything from soap, laudery soap. maybe you are allergic to something you are comeing in contact with, are you raw all the time?
Gabby134 responded:
Does anyone know any remedies for this?
crazyfoot40 responded:
You might ask a doctor if this could be a yeast infection or some other kind of infection. Tom
salliez responded:
I have been experiencing this for a few years now. Sometimes nothing happens, other times it is horrible. I even had my insides scrapped (yes you heard me) to check for every type of infection, disease whatever and it came back negative on all accounts. Try to stay doctor gave me lidocaine which is an oral numbing gel for when it happens. No one seems to know the cause.
wildcard11 responded:
I'm 25 and I use the Nuvaring also. I have been experiencing the same problem for a long time! Just having sex once makes me feel really raw/tender/swollen? just inside my vagina and it even makes me prefer anal sex afterward than going through the pain (ha- pain is unavoidable)! It is so annoying because I want to have a good sex life with my boyfriend of over a year- I love him so much. SInce someone else mentioned using Nuvaring, maybe that is the problem. I am nervous to go to the doctor because all I have is this story of vague pain, which doesn't seem like much for them to go on. I'd really love to hear any ideas- or if anyone else using Nuvaring has this problem.
LoveYorkies responded:
I have been on Nuva Ring for about 2 years and I absolutely love it. I do think it makes me a little more dry than I used to be down there but other than that I am very happy with it. My husband and I just supplement with artificial lube and we are good to go. I would never switch back to any of the other birth control I used before.
Malchick11 responded:
Maybe ask your doctor about vulvodydnia? I recently heard of it on Chelsea Lately
Malchick11 responded:

  • Generalized vulvodynia is pain in different areas of the vulva at different times. Vulvar pain may be constant or occur every once in a while. Touch or pressure may or may not prompt it. But this may make the pain worse.
  • Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome is pain in the vestibule. This is the entrance to the vagina. Often a burning sensation, this type of vulvar pain comes on only after touch or pressure, such as during intercourse.
GuardSquealer replied to Malchick11's response:
Did you notice this discussion was from 3 years ago? I doubt if the original poster is following it at this point.
Malchick11 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
o, whoops... my eyes aren't that good, I can hardly see where it says when the question was asked. Thanks

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