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Ticklish Vagina
godleydemon posted:
My girlfriends Vagina is so ticklish it hard to even come close to touching it. She has tried masterbation and what not but nothing works. She has only ever had one orgasm and it took 4 hours of intense sex to get one. After that basically the guy said it wasn't worth it and never tried it again. I have tried rough foreplay. trying get her to focus on something completely different. soft foreplay. rough sex, soft sex. nothing seems to work. She just is so ticklish she says its hard to focus on the sexual part of it. She's using all of her will power during sex to just keep from not laughing. I have tried to touch and play with every single part of her vagina, she just starts trying to stop from going into a laughing fit. And if you just look at her clit the wrong way she starts rolling around laughing her ass off, a figure of speach, but it gets the point across. Its really, really, ticklish. I really need some help here. She can't even masterbate herself. She tries but starts laughing. She's one of the few who can actually tickle herself, lol. Its very odd, and I really wanna please her, please anyone, please help me here. I'll answer any questions you got. and I'll see if I can get her involved too. I've looked around and really can't find an answer for this.
3point14 responded:
It sounds like nerves rather than actually being physically ticklish. The fact that it took four hours fo sex (FOUR HOURS OF SEX?! Actual intercourse? That sounds rather hellish) could just be that she was finally able to relax enough to get into the "sexual side" of it.
godleydemon responded:
well I really start up with a lot of foreplay and kisses and nibbling and biting and passionate kissing. So its not like I jump straight in. In fact her right nipple is extremely ticklish and her left ear is extremely ticklish. And its not like she's not comfortable or not in the mood. She is very much in the mood. Its something she's been trying to cure of herself for some time. But so far has been unable to do so. She's tried, ice, feathers, air, ect. just everything seems to tickle like hell. And because its tickling so much she can't orgasm.
Cat78fish responded:
Wow this the most extreme case of being ticklish that I've ever heard of. I'm very ticklish too but especially on the inside of my thighs, my feet and one little area on my left side of my vagina. Light touches in any of those areas make me laugh really hard. There are a couple of things that we do that does work but we've been married for 16 years and I can't remember how long it was before we finally figured it out but it took a whole lot of patience. Anyway, you definitely want to avoid the feathers and air at all costs (we never tried ice simply because I would get cold too fast--I have Raynauds disease) because those things can make even a person that isn't so ticklish laugh.

What my husband does are a lot of things at once to try to distract me from the area of my body that is ticklish. He has found for example that he can easily touch my inner thighs while passionately kissing me without making me squirm too much. As far as orgasm, it helps me if he moves his penis in more of a circular motion instead of straight in and out and applying firmer pressure when he touches the left side of my vagina. Maybe try the same thing with your girlfriend and see if that helps. I'm going to encourage you to keep trying because it does take a lot of patience and practice to be able to do it. It's easiest if you try the motion with your fingers first (make sure your fingernails are trimmed close so you don't scratch her) before you attempt to do it with your penis but once you perfect the technique, it will be worth it I promise.

I'm a little unclear on the kind of stimulation you use on her clitoris. Whereas I like a firmer touch in my vagina, I like a lighter touch on my clitoris and manual stimulation sometimes hurts and so oral stimulation works best for me. Since you say she can't masturbate, it sounds like she can't tolerate manual stimulation of her clitoris. Has she tried using a vibrator? I would also try incorporating a vibrator when you have partnered sex as well and see if that helps. Really all you can do is keep experimenting which is really half the fun.

godleydemon responded:
She's never tried using a vibrator and in a lot of cases I've found on the internet with similar problems it tickles more. I'll try the circular motions a little to see if that helps any. But I'm not sure how to approach it sometimes since trying any type of stimulation is ticklish.

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