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    penis tears during sex
    gcaveman1 posted:
    A., my wife, went onto antibiotics. As expected, this caused her to develop a yeast infection.

    We dutifully refrained from sex until after she had done two treatments with Monostat but I thought she had done three. She says she douched before we had sex at that time.

    (A note here about my physical anatomy, if it?s relevant. I am larger than the average man, 2x8,and I have trained myself to last long enough to satisfy most women. I have had problems with tearing in the past, but only after marathon or repeated sex sessions. I also have genital herpes occasionally)

    During this session, which was either the morning of Sunday, October 25, or Monday, October 26, 2009, I began to experience what felt like dryness on the dorsal side (side toward me) as we made love. After we finished I experienced burning in this same area. After withdrawing, I found that I had two quarter-inch tears on the shaft of my penis, on the dorsal side. Over the day and overnight, the skin on the shaft slowly swelled and turned red. I decided that I must have contracted my wife?s yeast infection, even though there was no itching and no pain. The best description of my penis at that time was that the head of it looked as if it sat in the center of a sirloin rose blossom. I began applying Miconazole cream. I also used triple antibiotic cream on the tears. But the problem only persisted or got worse over the next few days. I had some mild itching and stinging.

    On Friday, October 29, I went to the emergency room at S. C. R. I was seen by Dr. D. B. She prescribed a single pill which I took there at the hospital. I was advised to see my family physician if the problem did not improve or if it got worse. The medication was diflucan 150 mg po.

    Over the next few days, the swelling went down and it appeared that I was getting well, albeit slowly. I continued to apply the miconazole cream and hot water soaks. My wife and I made love again and it all started up again. After that sexual session, I found that I had about a half-inch tear on the dorsal side of my penis, but in a different location. The swelling has increased since Thursday (11/5/09) along with bumps, welts, or a rash. The itching was intense at times and my member was red and tender to the touch. I stopped the miconazole, thinking I might be having a reaction to it, and used triple anti-biotic cream, calamine lotion, and vinegar soak. Nothing was working. Considering zinc oxide cream today (Sunday, 11/8/09) but am apprehensive about putting anything on it.

    I did go on and use the diaper rash medicine (zinc oxide) and this helped for a while. Used triple antibiotic cream, vinegar baths also, but did not notice a change. Itching has been intense and maddening at times. Nothing is working. Even using nothing seems to be better than any cream. I inspected my penis closely under a desk lamp on Thursday night, and the skin tore just from my gentle inspection. But now, the swelling is coming back, my skin is very dry, and seems to have sores and abrasions although there is nothing really like that visible. Did research on miconazole and zinc oxide, found miconazole to have side effects like what I had experienced.

    I stopped using any medication at all and slowly got better, though a couple of locations still felt like they were abraded, though there was no visible sign except for redness. I still had some minor itching at the base and on the scrotum, and began treating that with Lamisil for jock itch. Researched Equate veresion of KY Jelly and found I might be sensitive to glycerin. Today (11/19/09), everything looked OK, there was no pain, my wife?s period was over, and we were both ready, having abstained for two weeks. Halfway through, I felt a burning, finished up quickly, and headed to the tub with a burning dick. We had not used any lubricant. I found four tears on the sides and top of my penis, from ?-1/2 inch long.

    Any suggestions?
    Cat78fish responded:
    About the only thing I can think of since you say that you didn't use any lubricant is that your wife's vagina maybe wasn't lubricated enough for penetration. A lot of women are a little dry right after their periods or right after finishing a yeast infection. Douches can also make a woman dry. Did you notice how much lubrication she had before you tried to penetrate her either time? since you are larger than average, it's possible that you experienced more friction than usual. I also think that since it had been two weeks between sessions, that you could have gotten carried away and started thrusting faster than what you typically do. Maybe slowing down will help along with making sure she's wet enough for penetration.

    luvmy2babiesmuch responded:
    i've had vaginal tears, from sex, never heard of penis tears, BUT they are no trip to the park.. I can tell you, that zinc ozide is used in my house on minor skin problems, chapped lips, babies butts, etc.. and works like a dream. I can also tell you, that even if it took 2 months,, i would abstain, and let the tender skin on my privates return to normal, without anything on it! leave it alone, let it rest from sex, friction, and all of those creams. My DH is large too, but he's never ripped, but I'm a wet girl too. He would say the same thing,, no sex, til this dick is 100% fine. also, maybe air would help it heal. It's been either covered in creams, in her vagina, or in your clothes, and not getting any air.. let that baby air dry, and abstain!
    infinaty responded:
    You say that you have herpes....maybe you are having a outbreak. Herpes can make your body do strange things
    xbigbenx responded:
    It is entirely possible to tear your penis. I share your size almost exactly. I have to ask though, are you circumsized? If not it is VERY easy to tear your skin. Although Usually a man gets a tear on the ventral side of the penis where the head connects to the shaft.

    It is entirely possible you just got a few tears for whatever reason, possibly she was to dry, or you had sex for to long of a period, or you thrusted to hard/vigorously, etc. And these normally would have healed up. But you put creams and stuff on it which for a tender area such as your penis is usually a bad idea unless advised by your doctor.

    Thats more then likely the reason it took so long to heal in the first place.

    I have torn myself a few different times.

    From my experience and what I know from school, even though a membrane like the penis looks healed, it isn't fully healed. I had to wait 4 weeks for mine to heal and even then take it VERY VERY slow and easy for about another 4 weeks after that. Or else it would rip open again.

    You need to give your penis a long time to heal fully. If the wound is fully closed take it slow and easy during sex for about another 2-4 weeks, at least until the pain and soreness go away.

    P.S. you used many medical terms. Are you in the field?
    gcaveman1 responded:
    I am not in medicine, just very well self-educated.

    I am circumcised.

    Used saliva for lubrication. I don't think that was a problem.

    Only had sex for a few minutes, no more vigorous than usual, before the pain started.

    I was concerned that this was a symptom of another problem. A side effect of the diflurcan was skin peeling off, but I had nothing that serious.

    I am in my late 50's and she is in her late 40's and we still act like teenagers. In fourteen years, we have probably averaged once a day and have never had this problem before. I am usually actually in her from 10-20 minutes, so long sessions have not caused this before either.
    FCL responded:
    I think it'z time you stopped self-medicating and saw a doc again. Just because one treatment didn't work doesn't mean that the next one won't (our pedi explained that when one of my daughters just couldn't get rid of nappy rash ... it took several different treatments). You might like to explain to your wife that douching doesn't help with yeast ... it aggravates it.

    Seriously, see a doc. You've tried everything you can think of so now it's time to go back to the professionals. Never forget that you only ever get one penis ...
    bobby_77 responded:
    Hey gcaveman1 did you ever find a solution to your problem I seem to be having the same problem on the left side of my penis I have a .5" tear. It hurts a little I would say general discomfort......mine came from irritation on my penis and have sex before it was fully healed. Now I have a big tear and it is healing now but as soon as I have sex the skin around it turns red and I mean red! The tear is about .5" down from the head and all the skin is irritated around it. Seems like most of redness went away over the last few weeks but some still remains. What did you finally do?
    Fania responded:
    I had the same situation and went to the Doctor and he reccomended using Aquaphor by Eucerin 2-3 times a day for about 5 days. It worked great it softens the skin and heals. I am back in the saddle with no more problems. Use a lubricant like Astro Glide to enter the vaginal canal with ease. I make sure that I take a multiple vitamin, vitamin D and drink plenty of water 64oz a day If you think that you have a fungus use Olive Leaf Extract capsules it helped me with a ring worm problem so I use that regularly. I continue to use Aquaphor all over my body it is a great healing ointment for dry cracked or irritated skin. Good luck!!!
    bfek1 responded:
    I HAVE THE SOLUTION, I came across it by surfing through these sites as I have also suffer from repeated tears to my tallywhacker. I was affected so much by this that I was willing to try ANYTHING !!!
    The solution to our problems is a cream that can be purchased in any pharmacy called BAG BALM.
    This has been traditionally used by farmers to apply to the udders of cows but by god it WORKED !!! I apply daily after my shower and I abstained from sex for 10 days since then I have never looked back despite how many times or how hard I go at it I do NOT TEAR ANYMORE. It has given me back my life. I have been tearing for about 18 months now after each love making even oral made me tear nothing I tried helped me but this HAS... I hope you try it too and then come back to let others know of this amazing aid to our lives...
    seanhh responded:
    Hey man. You should start using a penis health creme. Besides clearing up any minor skin irritation down there, these cremes condition and strengthen the penis skin too. I used to have all sorts of problems with dryness, cuts and cracks. But things are much better now that I use a creme every day. You should look into it. Good luck.

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