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    Semen/Sperm has Face Cream
    Amor4me posted:
    I have heard from some woman that semen/sperm is good for there faces, I guess some kind of a cream to make there skin better?.. Has any one heard of this, or this one of those myths? That men and my self wish was TRUE!!!!!!!!! :sillygrin: :grin: :goofy: :wink: Do any of you girls done it or do it on a regular basis?
    wifeandmomof2 responded:
    hi, well, i cant say if that is true or not, never really gave it any thought or heard about it before. But, i am a ,,, well,, semen freak ! i love it, on my tummy, my boobs, face. DH prefers that i swallow, which i enjoy doing too because i know how much he likes it, but i prefer it on me. I just wish DH came more, he just never gives his body enough time to rebuild his resovoir,lol. Come to think of it, the skin on my tummy and boobs is pretty smooth and soft! LOL Lisa
    FCL responded:
    The trouble with getting semen on your face is that it is liable to get in your hair and in your eyes. It is HELL on Earth to get our of your hair and it stings like HELL in your eyes.
    Cat78fish responded:
    I agree with FCL. My ex used to think it was funny to get it on my face and laughed hysterically when I got it in my eyes and hair. It was not fun and I felt humiliated because he was laughing at me. Anywhere but on my face is fine. I'd rather swallow any day of the week than put up with it in my hair or eyes or nose. Donna
    Elle0317 responded:
    I think this was something a man made up in order to convince his girl to take it on the face. I enjoy it on my face, so no lies required to convince me :)
    mhtyler2 responded:
    It does make a nice necklace
    Amor4me responded:
    :wink: :wink: :wink: WOW what a lucky guy!!!!!! I am Jealous :crying: :ooh: :goofy:
    LoveMyIssues responded:
    I guess that's why the porn industry calls it a "facial." I can't attest to the veracity of it being a good skin cream. :sillygrin: What Mark describes is called by the porn industry a "pearl necklace." ZZ Top wrote a song by that title. (Some people mistakenly think it's about jewelry. Ha!) :sealed: Never knew it stings in the eyes... The trick to getting it out of your hair is to use COLD water. (My mom taught me in the kitchen to wash fats & sugars with hot water; protein and flour with cold. Semen falls into the protein category, I think -- kinda like egg white.) Trust me on this. Us guys get it in our pubic hair all the time.
    crazyfoot40 responded:
    Amor4me..Oh yes! It's true. :smile: Tom

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