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best way to do 69
jejenell posted:
We tried the 69 position last night. (him on top)and to say the least he pleased me very well but I couldn't do anything...I was on bottom and couldn't move my head... what's the best way to do this? woman on top? :sheepish: :sillygrin:
LoveYorkies responded:
Absolutely woman on top. The man doesn't need to move around much to pleasure the woman but there is considerable head movement necessary to pleasure the man. Flip it around and I think you will have more luck.
Cat78fish responded:
Definitely woman on top is the way to go for this position. I don't even know how you managed being on the bottom. I would not only not be able to move my head, I wouldn't be able to move anything else either because it would be like I'm pinned in which would be anything but fun for me. Donna
ajl901 responded:
There is an alternative. Try lying on your sides. Your heads can lie comfortably on each other's thighs. Both can move freely and not feel trapped. We don't 69 ver often, as my wife doesn't really prefer it, but when we do, this is our method. I guess she feels a bit less intimidated or overwhelmed.
4oSomething responded:
We do it side by side or him on top. I can't reach properly from being on top and I find it uncomfortable. Plus you can move a penis to reach your mouth but you can't really move a vagina too much to reach his mouth lol.
sweetbaybelove responded:
I've only had 69 twice. With one guy he was on top, with the other I was on top. Personally being on bottom can get over whelming because you cant move. When I get close or something feels good I squeeze whatever I can get a hold of, which happened to be his thighs...cuing to him that I wanted more, which wasn't the case. With being on top, I'm self conscious. I don't like the idea of "sitting" on a guy's face. Chris wanted me to do that and I flat out refused. I think laying on your sides is worth a try. If I do 69 again, that is probably how I would do it. Oh and if you're pinned down with him on top, you can at least stimulate him a lot with your tongue without using too much head movement.
LoveMyIssues responded:
I dunno; I've found either works fine. When I'm on top, I make a point of supporting my hips with my knees. If my partner wants me closer, she need only grasp my hips and pull a bit. Woman on top works great, too, though. :pbpt: Too bad you couldn't bring yourself to sit on Chris' face, Baybe. My partners have loved it. Works great when you have a headboard on the bed to hold onto.
crazyfoot40 responded:
sweetbaby...Believe me, I can't think of a place I'd rather be than under a woman who is sitting on my face. Gasp! :pbpt: Tom
Dedi1946 responded:
I love for a woman to sit on my face :grin: She can move around & help U reach all the sensitive spots that give her pleasure. Its also a wonderful view for your partner. Laying on your sides work also but I perfer for the woman to be on top. Just my preference. Just seems I can get to everything down there easier.
Tulip2323 responded:
I like the side by side suggestion. Maybe I'll add it to my bag of tricks. I also think woman on bottom isn't very fun. If I catch myself in that position, I think, "damn it! Now I got this thing down my throat and I can't move!!" :sealed:

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