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burning sensation after ejaculation
vanwilder692 posted:
after ejaculation I get a very bad burning sensation inside my penis. it doesn't burn when I urinate, only after ejaculation. also I urinate very frequently throughout the day and at least 4-6 times through the night. I am 27 yrs old and have never thought I would have prostrate problems. but all of these symptoms would point that way I just have never read or heard of any man having a burning pain inside the penis after ejaculation, and no it does not hurt to have an erection. :crying:
jethro46 responded:
it sounds to me like you might have a prostate infection.That is the way i was when i had a prostate need to go to a urologist to get it checked out.If that is what it is they will give you a strong antibotic.
crazyfoot40 responded:
vanwilder...having such frequent ejaculations could be causing sensitivity in your penis depending on how you stimulate your penis and how long it takes to produce an ejaculation. Tom
LoveYorkies responded:
How long have you been urinating so frequently? It is not normal to urinate more than 2 times at night and at 27 even that is excessive. Do you drink (water, etc.) excessively also? I don't know about the burning with ejaculation other than the number of times you are urinating may be affecting the lining of your urethra and since urine is acidic and ejaculate is basic you don't have problems urinating but you do have problems ejaculating. You need to go see a doctor. If this polyuria (urinating a lot) has been going on for some time you may need to get checked for diabetes insipidus, a treatable disease that causes excessive urination. The prostate infection is also a possibility.
Newby7 responded:
Have you gotten tested for STD's? Sounds like symptoms of chlamydia or gonorrhea.. the burning, urinating excessively etc... GO TO THE DRS!!!!

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