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Female ejaculation - squirting/gush
Fun4meandU posted:
Normally while my wife is riding me in the Cowgirl position she will reach orgasm fairly easily. At times though she says she feels like she has to pee, therefore she slows down until the feeling subsides. I am under the impression that what she is really feeling is her about to have a female ejaculation. I wanted to know if you can actually tell what is really happening, and if it can be controlled? Is this something that can be learned to do over time? Does it differ from other feelings of orgasm?? And how many women actually do ejaculate? ? just curious
Lovemyhub responded:
When it comes to orgasming through intercourse, this is my favorite position, and I basically have female ejaculation every time this way, I believe it's because his penis is hitting my g-spot dead on...and it does sort of feel like you have to pee....but that's not what it is...

I believe you are probably 100% right in thinking that this is what it really is...and if she would just let it go and let it happen, the feeling can be incredible.

I can control it if I want to, there are many times when I feel it is going to happen, but I too will slow down - only because I don't want the whole experience to be done's harder a second time - not impossible - but a bit harder to have it happen again.

For me, I believe this type of orgasm is more intense from a clitoral orgasm for example.

Female ejaculation is quite frequent for me, in fact my DH kind of thinks that without that happening he has not pleased me. I've explained that many women do not have this happen but still orgasm, and that I can orgasm without that happening - but I don't think he buys it all.

Your wife should pee before sex...that way when she gets that feeling during sex she will know she doesn't really have to pee.
Cat78fish responded:
For women that are capable of orgasm during intercourse, orgasm tends to come easily in the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position because of the intense stimulation to the g-spot. Since she has more control in this position more so than in other positions, however, she may not have female ejaculations. You see, most women grow up with the notion that it's somehow "not normal" for a woman to ejaculate and so when these feelings come about from the intense stimulation to our g-spot, a lot of us tend to hold back. I'm a woman that usually does have at least one FE during intercourse and I can tell you it's normally not a good idea to intentionally hold back. I tried holding back one time and I thought I was going to die--the pain I felt in my abdomen was incredible! I will never hold back again. It's hard work holding back anyway because the stimulation to my g-spot is so exciting. My husband has a way of moving the head of his penis rapidly in a circular motion over and across my g=spot and it feels like he's popping grapes and then I gush quite a bit of a white milky fluid from my urethral opening and it can get quite messy. I think if you assure your wife that you really don't mind the mess, she won't try holding back (as a matter of fact, if you'd actually enjoy her ejaculating, you should tell her so she won't want to hold back). My husband loves it when I ejaculate on him as long as I don't get it in his mouth.

For me, it does differ from other types of orgasm. A g-spot orgasm gives more of a release of sexual pressure than a clitoral orgasm will. Don't get me wrong. I still love having a clitoral orgasm but after having one clitoral orgasm, my clitoris is too sensitive for any more clitoral orgasms but I can continue having several g-spot orgasms and usually they keep building until I have "the granddaddy" of all g-spot orgasms and then I'm wiped out (fortunately for me, this usually causes my husband to orgasm as well as he enjoys the contractions of my vagina on his penis).

According to a book I have by Deborah Sundahl "Female Ejaculation and the g-spot", it's very possible for a woman to learn how to ejaculate. I bought it to better understand what was happening to my body but it does say women who don't know how to ejaculate can learn how so you may want to get this book and read it together and see what your wife thinks. Not all women enjoy g-spot stimulation and only about 14% of women ejaculate on a regular basis. Good luck and have fun.

Fun4meandU responded:
Thanks for the responses! Now I have more questions... Donna (or anyone) you say you felt pain from holding back, is that a common occurance in women if you don't push through?? Because I think my wife would've said something by now if she had pains afterwards. I am still not clear as to the feelings you have before it actually happens. Is it a pleasure build up then release, or is it a I gotta pee build up then release? And are you saying that women only have FE through G-spot not clitoral - or just you?? I've heard of women having it through anal as well..
Lovemyhub responded:
I have had FE from both clitoral and g-spot stimulation...Through clitoral, there doesn't seem to be as much; through g-spot sometimes it's a huge gush. I have never had pain from holding back. I hold back primarily because when I finally do let go it seems more intense to me. The feeling to me is both - it's a pleasurable build-up feeling along with a sort of "got to pee" sensation, but like I said once I let go, it's extremely pleasurable and it definitely is not pee. For me it's a clear substance with a little thicker (kind of oily) consistency than water. It's a great experience for both partners when it happens. My DH loves it!
Cat78fish responded:
Hmm, I'm trying to think of the best way to describe the pain I feel when I hold back from having an FE. It's not really a sharp pain but I guess it's the most similar to when a man gets "blue balls" and is left sexually unsatisfied. It's just not a good feeling.

The feelings I have before I get ready to ejaculate vary. When I first started ejaculating, the "I gotta pee" sensation was all I felt but after I realized that it wasn't going to be pee (because I had completely emptied my bladder prior to intercourse), I relaxed and let myself lose myself in all the sensations I was feeling in all the different areas of my body--primarily genitals, breasts, mouth and hands--and then that "I gotta pee" sensation turns into sheer pleasure and it continues to build up until I have explosive orgasms (mine are one after another in rapid succession most of the time).

I'm sure there are some women that experience FE just from clitoral stimulation and there's no doubt that the clitoris plays a huge role in arousal for just about all women but for most women that do have a FE with their orgasms, it's usually because their g-spot was stimulated in just the right way for that to happen. I personally like to have my clitoris stimulated until I'm oozing lubrication before penetration with a penis. As I get aroused, the area of my g-spot gets a lot bigger and it would be hard to miss. I've also heard that some women have g-spot orgasms through anal but I'm not one of them. Aside from anal being painful to me, I'm one that absolutely craves feeling a hard penis in my vagina when I'm ready to orgasm and then ejaculate. I seem to have a lot of nerve endings in my vagina and I just don't ever really crave anal.

Is this clearer for you? If you have any further questions, just ask and I'll try to help.

Tongue2Toungue responded:
What does female ejaculate look, smell and taste like? I ask so I can have some idea if it's urine or not.

I FE very common? How many of you women out there have FE?

A Student of Love T2T
Cat78fish responded:
Lovemyhub, I'm betting 10 to 1 that you don't have pain when you hold back on your FE because you are only holding back just long enough to make the orgasm more intense. What I'm talking about is holding back as in never releasing the FE. That's where it hurts! I wish I could FE just from clitoral stimulation but for me it's only been from g-spot stimulation.

Cat78fish responded:
Um, these questions have already been answered by myself and another poster in this exact thread tongue2Toungue.

14% of women have female ejaculation although I believe most women are capable of learning how. It varies in color, smell, and taste. My FE is usually a more creamy white fluid with a slight musky odor (very similar to what semen looks and smells like) but sometimes it's clear and odorless like water. Urine--whether it's yellow or more clear--will almost always have a more pungent smell to it (varies in degree to concentration). My FE tastes kind of bland but it can taste somewhat sweet according to my husband.

bob249 responded:
Wow, no really - WOW

If my sex education class included information like this thread, I would've have made partners delirious with pleasure!

Making the majority of men sexually happy has always been simple.

So only after 40 years of study, I'm finally doing a better job.

Roberta, Ann, Sharon, Cindy, Kathy, et al If I'd only known I would have made you SO happy.

Jezebel (SO) you are gonna have VERY pleasant holidays!

(Disclaimer: Names may have been changed - for obvious reasons)

Thanks for the information.
mom_2_5_yo_gavin responded:
the only thing I will add to all of the wonderfully accurate posts before me is my husband says my FE tastes like salt sometimes it is sweet or flavorless other times

HTH kara
garza16577 responded:
omg this happens to me very often well whn i have sex and thats like twice a wk!! but i also feel like if i have to pee but at the same time it feels good like an orgasm!! or i just may be ejaculating!!?? and when that happens i slow down to see if it doesent smell like urine and it dosent so i guess that is when i ejaculate and then orgasm!!?
hdzja32 replied to Tongue2Toungue's response:
hello, everyone.. i've been reading everybodys replies and I agree. But to me, sometimes I do get the smell of urine and sometimes I don't. The first time it happened i was so embarrased I thought I had peed on him so I started urinating before each time we had sex but i certain times it would still smell a little like pee. What would that be???
horse_mom1 replied to hdzja32's response:
I just want to respond to say that FE has NOTHING to do with stimulation of the G-Spot. I do it all the time when I use my "magic wand" directly on my clitoris. The stimulation of the vibration is so intense that I can have several FE's in just one session. This is actually how I discovered I could even do it. I had never done it before with any type of stimulation from a penis.
too_also responded:
It's funny that so many guys don't remember when they first masturbated. It felt like I had to pee, it was the one and only time I held it back through will and didn't let it happen and it hurt pretty bad. But because I remembered I was able to help a few women figure out that they could ejaculate as well, till I got married.

From what I've learned, it's a combination of different things. First and foremost, the woman must be comfortable with you. Positive emotions always speed up the process so you don't wear her out before she has a chance to "get there". Then most women like to start with clitoral stimulation to get lubricated and swollen and ready as one already stated. Some women have other preferable erogenous zones such as the neck or thighs. Then of course there's the g-spot, the sort of swollen, spongy, textured area only a few inches in.

I'm not usually one to kiss and tell, but for the greater good; My wife is kind of self conscious and doesn't feel comfortable in cowgirl. It's easiest for her by using a combination of cunnilingus and digital (finger) stimulation. I use my mouth on her clitoris and labia while I use two fingers in a come to me sort of motion, sometimes mixed in with small circles or light piano play, and I'll steal some lubrication with the other hand and stimulate her anus with one finger, sometimes starting with the smallest until I can fit the (more comfortable for me) index.

I'm not saying all women will have an FE with this. But this is what I've learned in my 15 short years of sexual activity. Hope it helps.

P.S.: If it happens every time sex starts to feel really good, it's NOT PEE! Congratulations, now go orgasm Crazy.

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