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curiousaboutsex posted:
How many of you ladies would list doggie style as your favorite positon? If so, why? If not, why not?

How many of you would say that you love giving head? If so, why? If not, why not?

How many of you love the taste of cum when you sallow? If so why? If not, why not?
Jessegirl01 responded:
I like doggie-style, as well as other positions, but it's not my favorite. I'm one that likes the weight of my man on me.

As for giving head, love may be to strong of a word, but I do enjoy it because it gives my man so much pleasure. That being said, I wouldn't do it to just anybody just for the sake of doing it, but I give it my all when I'm intimate with my lover. I guess what I'm trying to say is it pleases me to be pleasing him, and makes me more aroused in the process. The only time I DO NOT like it is when the man tries to "force" my head faster or farther than I prefer going.

I just recently started swallowing and can't say I much love that either. My bf eats a lot of fast food and therefore has a strong taste (salty-ish). Now, if he were to each more fruit it would be much better. He doesn't care if I do or not, but wanted to prove to myself I could.
normalyme responded:
What to heck kind of questions are you asking, you doing a masters and johnson thing ?

mollyp4913 responded:
OK I'll bite.

I wouldn't list doggie style as my favorite, I like it and hubby gets great penetration in this position and I love the way his hands feel holding my hips. I prefer to be on top, so I can control the depth and speed.

Can't say I love giving head, I do it because he loves it, and I love that look on his face when I go down on him. I don't like it because I just don't really care for the taste of him in my mouth.

Can't say I love the taste of cum, I do swallow again because he likes me to and I don't have to stop giving him head. It's a little easier if he stays to our normal snacks, fruits and fruit juices, it's actually a little sweet with a hint of salt. I can hold it in my mouth and play us it to kind of play with the tip of his penis. If he drinks a lot of soft drinks, coffee, or beer, it has a strong bitter almost acid taste, and I have to swallow right away.
anneb09 responded:
I LOVE doggie style! Why- because it feels so good! He can go deep, grab my hips, spank my rear a little! Love it!

I love to give head! Why- I like to see, hear, and feel his reactions to my touch!

I don't really like the taste of cum. Why- my fiance doesn't drink a lot of water, mostly soda and doesn't eat any fruit. I will swallow it on occasion or have it in my mouth, mostly b/c I want to please him.

Great Questions!
Shimoko responded:
I don't like doggy style all that much. It has little to no clitoris friction, which means that I need to use a vibrator on myself in order to orgasm from that position during sex (also it seems to make my husband orgasm very very quickly unlike other positions).

I don't care for oral sex, but I will do it if I feel like he deserves sex and I'm just not in the mood. I have been forced to give oral sex by past ex-boyfriends and was orally raped a couple times, so it brings back bad memories.

I don't like the taste of semen, but I swallow because it is more efficient than having to swish it around my mouth and taste it while spitting it out. It makes less of a mess too.
unknown responded:
why do folks post in both the member section and the friends section? its confusing!!! i just responded in the friends section, to sum up what i said there, doggy is not my favorite, but i DO like it alot, yes i LOVE to give oral, and yes i do love to swallow his semen! I go into a bit more detail in the friends section. Lisa
lamarcoffeeman responded:
thanks Lisa. Ill go check it out. doggie is fantastic and so is oral, me or her, no matter. lamarguy
Mitziheung responded:
I don't know how many others favour it, but for me it's far far more arousing and satisfying than anything else - before we walked on two legs we all did this, so perhaps I'm the orginal animal woman. I also love oral sex, especially 69. I can't see the point in doing it if you don't swallow semen. Spitting it out is insulting.
1957hank responded:
From a guys perspective, I use to like doggie alot. Then, one time about 15 years ago my wife made a negative comment about it. She asked why I liked it so much and that we did it too much. I said okay and havent done it since. There have been times since when she has asked if I wanted to do doggie but I instantly went soft. Her negative comment has had a profound affect on this. In regards to oral, I could care either way if I receive it as it seems to be a chore with her. She has never swallowed in our 35 years of marriage. I dont ask and she doesnt offer. However, I really like to please her that way. That is all that matters to me. If she is pleased, so am I. That is my secret to a happy marriage and healthy sex life
g1985k replied to anneb09's response:
If you don't like the taste, just swallow quickly!
oldbiguy replied to Mitziheung's response:
Not only Women love to give head, the taste & texture of fresh warm semen and to swallow semen.


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