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Crying after orgasm
Tongue2Toungue posted:
Recently my g/f friend started to cry after having orgasmed. Ladies canyou tell me if you have ever experiencec this and what are your thoughts on this.

Georgiagail responded:
1. Yes

2. It's normal.

mhtyler2 responded:
Normal, but not typical. I wouldn't read anything into it.
3point14 responded:
I've done it a few times, and ask her why.
newchancetolive responded:
That would be a YES here. Especially after having an intense g-spot orgasm. It feels as involuntary as the intense orgasm itself. My body feels so much exhiliration and I guess my brain does to. The overwhelming emotion of it all makes me cry uncontrollably for about two to three mintues. Then I look over at my lover and say 'wow, baby, that was awesome!!' Now, is that 'normal'...I believe for some it is. If, however she cries for half and hour and appears disoriented, then that is a whole different ballgame. One time when my boyfriend and I were making love, I actually made HIM cry it was so beautiful. I will never forget it. Consider it a huge compliment that you move your GF to tears. Truly, during intense female orgasm the entire body and brain react to the chemicals that are released...namely oxytocin. Hope this helps.
dfgbull; responded:
my wife has cried sometimes, laughed at other times, and sometimes has very little noticeable response.

I have also cried on several occasions. Orgasm is a Strong stimuli and any response is possible.
molamadad responded:
I have been married 25 years.During this time my wife cried just once after orgasm. So i wonder whether i have never satisfied her to the point of orgasm or that i have pre-mature ejaculation coz i mostly have to make her reach orgasm only by clitorial stimulation.

another thing that I have noted that she has vaginal contractions and more swollen labia when we have sex after we have entertained male friends for dinner...Is it possible she gets turned on by men and she fanaisizes having sex with them when we have sex... can anyone tell me ?
Mysummer responded:
I've been crying every single time after sex with my husband at least for the last 7 years, I guess i am a lucky girl, and yes I love him so deeply
bob249 responded:
I'm a male and have never cried after an orgasm.

But I do prefer making a bit of noise, when Old Faithful erupts.

Last summer the windows were open and she asked that I not be too loud. Difficult task when it wasn't previously needed.

So, I crowed like a rooster.

May not have thrown the neighbors off because there aren't any chickens around.
2Stubby responded:
Q: Do you know what you get if you cross a donkey and an onion? A: Usually you get an onion with long ears, but every once in a while you get a piece of *ss that brings tears to your eyes!
FCL responded:
LOL, 2Stubby!!!
NikkiK723 responded:
I cry after orgasm.. not all the time but when it does happen it is deffinatly uncontrollable. The first time it happened I was so completely embarrassed and had no idea what to do. Luckly I have an understanding husband and now it has turned into sometimes its crying and sometimes its laughter but either way its uncontrollable and completely AWESOME!! Be sure to talk to her about it to make sure she on the same page and if she is then be proud.
An_255314 responded:
So, there are 2 types of crying responses. Some may have a cry after orgasm, sort of like a relief, she just loves you so much, it all felt so good, she's just feeling emotional, etc.

And then there is the crygasm!

The crygasm is a type of orgasm that is a uterine orgasm or a cervical orgasm- or a combo of both. These are different than the clitoral or vaginal orgasms. The crygasm cry happens after orgasm, and is an involuntary response- and it is an ugly cry, A full on cry from the gut. You will def be able to tell the difference. It is only triggered from a uterine or cervical orgasm- which is hands down, mind blowing, life changing, the most intense orgasms of all.

If you want to learn how to have this crygasm or learn how to cause one- read a book by David Deida- the Enlightened Sex manual. It's the only book I know of that really talks about it- how to get a woman to become that open so that it can happen. For me, it has only happened with my husband and we are very very close emotionally.
Anon_6061 replied to An_255314's response:
Previous poster said "It is only triggered from a uterine or cervical orgasm- which is hands down, mind blowing, life changing, the most intense orgasms of all."

You are 100% correct about the intense mind blowing experience of uterine orgasm. Sadly, those are gone forever for me since an unnecessary hysterectomy. Also, I used to have these orgasms with every incident of intercourse. Orgasms during intercourse rarely happen now. And clitoral orgasms just aren't the same (if I can even have one). And to boot, I have NO libido.
georgiagail replied to Anon_6061's response:
This is baloney.

I've been known to cry after I orgasm and I've been without a uterus for the past 15 years.


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