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Warming Gel
Tongue2Toungue posted:
We giving my get away some thought, other then the ususaly candles, munchies and drinks I thought about warming gels. So I wonder if any of you out there have ever tried KY warming gel. If so what type of sensation does it give and is it okay to eat does it taste bad? I just thought that this might be something new to introduce into my relationship.
Contemplating19 responded:
The gf wanted to try it once, she absolutly loved it.

Until it came to anal play... I told her it wouldn't be a good idea. She said she wanted to try it, apparently it was too warm for back there and had her telling me to stop 10 seconds into it and running to the shower to cool her butt off...

Anyway, it does just that... warm. Makes things easier to slide into or out of...

I believe they also make a brand (by KY) that can be used as a warming lubricate as well as a massage oil.

You should also try KY tingling for your spouse. It gives a menthol tingling sensation on the clitoris, but you could always use the cheap route and just brush your teeth really good with a menthol toothpaste right before performing oral sex. Drives my gf insane.
RiverofHope responded:
It does taste bad like really bad. And then it is really hard to get out of your mouth. Trust me not a good idea to lick some one with it on!!!!

KY is great for massages but it can get a little to warm for sex. Thats just my opinion though but it is LOTS of fun trying it out.
gaowensheng responded:
Be careful of allergic reactions in sensitive areas. We tried a worming gel for anal stimulation and it turned out really unpleasent due to a reaction to the "heating" chemical.
seniordavid responded:
We have tried different warmiing gels, great for massage but keep it out of your pus and anus it was to hot for my wife and I forgot and rubbed my eyes oh damn
Tongue2Toungue responded:
Holly smokes (pun intended) seem like other then a messaging lotion it isn't really good for anything else. That's really too bad becuase the thoughts going through my head were one's of sensuality. Was it meant to be used as a lube for both anal and vagianl? The taste t tells me they didn't intend for it to be used orally.

Are there similar products out there that do not have these draw back? And is the warming unpleasent to men?

jewel230220 responded:
Personally I LOVE the warming gel!! We use it for intercourse and it is awesome. We did try it with anal and it really is too warm. It burns back there. I would just try it and see if you two think it works for you.
Cali_Girl22 responded:
It's really good for massage, I haven't used it for Oral but we used it for sex and it felt sticky. We both noticed that after the massage we felt quite itchy & sticky. Everyone is different; we didn't feel any pain, irritation orr burning the genitals. I self lubricate enough for both that I couldn't really tell the difference, felt a bit warm at first, then it was just all sticky between our tighs!

I say buy a small bottle and try it.... everyone will get a different reaction to it. we also have the tingling sensation, feels minty cold, not good for when it's a cold day out LOL!! again... sticky.. same deal like w/ the warming one.. but cold LOL

Try Federicks (lingerie store), they have all kinds of neat stuff you can try; Eatable thongs, massage oils, body paints... and they all come flavored!

Hope this works for you!!
mom_2_5_yo_gavin responded:
warming gel is AWESOME but do not I repeat do not eat it (its nasty) or put it in the back door (I'm still recovering from that one lol) and yes it gets hot about as hot as a relaxing bath and my husband loves it I "rub" him first and then he gives me oral before he puts it on me but remember wash your hands before you rub your eyes or it WILL hurt and the more you use the hotter it will get so use a little at first until you find out what is right for your liking

HTH kara
Jessegirl01 responded:
We use the the KY warming and tingling gel. They are mild for us. Sometimes I get "heat" out of, sometimes not. It is most definitely NOT edible. Any of these gels will say right on them if they are edible and will come flavored if so. I am looking forward to trying KY's "intense" when we start actually having sex, but oh my, is it expensive. Think I'll ask for my money back if that doesn't deliver. LOL

A suggestion: Google "slumber parties inc" and look at their online catalog. They have the stuff that's edible, not to mention a huge line of toys. You can order discreetly from a local rep or online (I believe). I gave my gf a bachlorette party with them. Good stuff.

Have fun!!
Apples_darling responded:
We used KY warming! I did not have any problems! We also use KY yours and mine it was amazing. We use it anal to it was not bad. Wouldn't eat any of them unless it says it is ok!
seniordavid responded:
We have tried a couple of different types, I like the hottness in my ass and on my kock and balls, but my wife doesn't like it inside her pussi, on her back or front (likes it on her nipples and tits) is ok for a massage. TO EACH THERE OWN
Sweetpeaisme responded:
We have the warming gel and it kind of burns when its inside of me but at the same time it feels kind of good
Contemplating19 responded:
Also, you might wanna try a tingling lubricant. The gf uses one when she masturbates, she says it feels great. She uses the gel on me when she's performing oral sex. Works wonders...
Handytim responded:
Gawd, if I had this stuff before, I d probably wouldve stayed single:)

Never tried in someones 'back door' but works wonders otherwise

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