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Where do u finish
heena48 posted:
I have a question for guys.

Where do you finish when you cum?

Have you ever finished on your partners face?

I have always fantasized about finishing on my wifes face. but she says thats gross.

Do other women feel that way.

Where do you prefer your partner finishes.

Thanks for your feed back.
jayray1966 responded:
I guess we have never discussed this.

As far as finishing goes we have always finished with me inside her.

I have thought about on her chest or belly or face though.

p.s. She had a hysterectomy after having her kid.
lucynew responded:
I am not sure if I would like it on my face. But other then that anywhere is fine lol. I do like it inside me, gives it a special and very intimate meaning. I know some girls like it on boobs or belly, or back from doggy position. I mean it probably veries for everybody. Some might like it on the face some dont. Just talk to your woman, I am sure she will give you some guidance there. It always better to ask then do something that she wont like. Hope that helps
LoveYorkies responded:
Personally I prefer he cum on my belly. I don't like the feeling of cum in me (or rather, it coming out). I don't mind it when my husband wants to cum on my boobs from time to time or on my back/butt when he is behind. However, I do not like it when he gets it on my face or in my hair. JMO.
Contemplating19 responded:
Wherever she will let me, most of the time it's inside her vagina though...
FCL responded:
About finishing on her face - you need to know that it BURNS if it gets in your eyes and that it is a real PAIN to get out of your hair (two valid reasons for her not to want you to finish on her face ).
heena48 responded:
My wife lets me do where ever on her but just not her face.

Maybe it's just me but I think it is a real turn on knowing where she wants me to release myself on her body. I just fantasize one day she will say ok I want you on my face.\

Hey I can dream can't I

It's also nice seeing other posters patrners so free with where they let thier partners finish. Keep up the good work.
bogie11 responded:
I want to finish inside her because when we cum together it has an extra super sensation for both of us. I have no desire to finish anywhere else, especially not on her face. I can't see any point to it.
MerryContrary responded:
It seems disrespectful to put it on her face or body. She is not an object like in a porn movie, is she? I much prefer it where it belongs.
crazyfoot40 responded:
FCL and Mary...Accidents sometimes happen, but I believe that a man who intentionally squirts in a woman's face is doing it as a basic act of dominance and anger. Anybody who doesn't agree can talk to my psychiatrist. That's what he thinks. Tom
heena48 responded:
I would never do it without my partner giving me the OK, and yes accidents do happen where some may go that far and I will apologize if that happened. I may be kinky, but I am a gentleman.

I would never disrespect my wife, I would never do anything she would no let me do woithout asking.
Excalibur688 responded:
Usually inside her, where she and I both like it. She will swaller it at times and then the occasional finish on the breasts if the positioning is right....facial's have happened couple of times and she wanted to try it....girls at work were talking about it. I of course obliged.
Meggy2Flyy responded:
I'm surprised at all the women saying they don't let their partner finish on their face. I love my boyfriends cum. When we first started dating and I wasn't on birthcontrol he would pull out and catch it in his hand. But now that we've been together for almost two years and we're completely comfortable with eachother he comes wherever he pleases. When I was on birthcontrol he would usually come inside me. But now that i'm not I get to enjoy him ejaculating all over me. I actually prefer it on my face or my breasts. But that's a little more complicated if we're having intercourse and not just oral. If it's intercourse it depends on the position we're in. If it's missionary he'll cum on my belly or if it's doggy he'll cum on my back, etc. And Tom, I in no way see my boyfriend cumming on my face an act of him being angry. A lot of the time I ask him too
alex_and_camerons_mom responded:
My husband usually cums in my vagina.. but that also depends on what kind of position we are in or what we are doing. Yes my husband has cum on my face but usually cause i'm doing oral and pull away when he gets ready to cum as i won't swallow. its not gross to me but it is really hard to get out of hair i always close my eyes too so it doesn't get in them cause i have been told it burns like hell. I don't really care where he finishes as long as its not in my hair or eyes or mouth.
4oSomething responded:
I would be really irritated if my husband pulled out to ejaculate. Especially on my face. In the first place I agree with your wife that it's gross. In the second place just because my husband is finished doesn't mean that I may not be on the verge of having more orgasms, which he would be cheating me out of if he pulled out.

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