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Shaving Pubic Hair
losttouch57 posted:
My husband started trimming his pubic hair (without any warning) and has advanced to shaving now which is uncomfortable for me. I have tried to explain how it causes burning and leaves my skin red and tender and totally takes away my concentration and pleasure. At my age (57), my arousal depends on my mental state and I just cannot get him to understand. I do not shave but I do trim my area. Oral sex is not a turn on for me even though I believe he could be satisfied with just that. When I was young I could not wait to get my pubic hair to prove I was growing into a woman. Why is it such an issue and why now when we enjoyed good sex before this? Have I missed something?
Ingawahkiki responded:
I think the big issue here is that if he is going to shave his pubic hair then he needs to be more persistant. If it is uncomfortable for you then he is more than likely getting "stubble" because he's not keeping up with it. Just as a side note, I'm not into the shaving thing either, but I keep things neatly trimmed. I just don't feel the need to make myself got back to lloking like a 10 year old down there. Some people like it, and maybe we're missing something, but it shouldn't be uncomfortable. If he keeps up with it, it should just be bare skin and wouldn't be irritating...I don't think anyway.
Thyestes responded:
I believe shaving allows direct touch to the skin and full sensitivity, and the touch feels better directly applied to the skin - as oppose to the feeling of a touch as compressed hair toward the skin. And as sensitivity decreases with age, taking out the layer of hair is preferable by "some" men. But this issue may be as controversial as circumcision!
Contemplating19 responded:
My gf and I both shave completely as as a previous poster stated. It feels great with the skin to skin contact. Especially if there is some extra lubricate down there for whatever reason. However, if he doesn't stay constant with shaving it will become very stubby, which is very uncomfortable. Tell him to either keep it up, or stop it...
MerryContrary responded:
I felt like you for many years but....I do like the bare feel. Being lazy, I keep mine trimmed short and shave once a season or so. I use an electric shaver with powder and don't get sore. Have you asked him why it is suddenly a turn-on for him? Time to talk.
Tongue2Toungue responded:
You don't mention your husbands age but I would guess that's it close to yours.. It seems that he may be caught up in the younger generations obsession with shaving pubic hair, maybe wanting to feel younger or more hip has decided to start shaving. Also it his age he may have developed a belly which would make his stuff look smaller and is trying to compensate for that again another obsession of the today crowd. To me it sounds like complete lack of regard for your feelings and pleasure. I have a nice sit down with him and tell him what you have told us, let him know that it is not a turn on for you and how much irritation bothers you. Also let him know that it affects your concentration and pleasure. If he's not into the sex for just himself I would think he would understand. I used to shave and found that it felted and looked great but the irritation and ingrown hairs not to mention how much it would itch if I didn't shave daily. For me it just wasn't worth it so now I just keep it trimmed. Good luck losttoufch57. T2T
Handytim responded:
It IS part of the younger generation, but also goes to th eolder guy told me he does it b/c it makes his member look bigger..accordingto a racey article in Cosmopolitan, it helps eliminate 'locker room' smell...myself I shower daily sometimes TWICE a day, if in the summer or when I come home frm the gym...I keep mine trimmed, but shave genitals---great for oral sex:)
newchancetolive responded:
Dear lost, Lots of people enjoy the sensation of the bare skin, not all, but lots. For me...I LOVE LOVE having my genital area shaved bare, as does my guy. He shaves his whole body. Yummy. It's all a matter of personal preference. We are both heavily into oral and other fun things that make our 'bare' bodies feel even more awesome. For example. He loves to lay on his belly and I massage his back with massage oils. While sitting on his bare oiled up ass cheeks, I wiggle around and give myself an orgasmn. He loves the feeling of my shaved genital area on him. LOVES it.....the funny thing is?????!!! I too have lots of problems with bumps, reddness, chafing, pain, etc....until he showed me how to shave properly. :D Yes, he taught me. I now use a triple blade, trim first, then in straight downward motions...shave the whole thing. Yummy. Oral sex and rubbing is a whole new sensation when you are shaved. Just my experience. Not for everyone. Maybe if you were able to shave without the pain you would enjoy the way it feels. Good luck.
alwaysfrndz responded:
Hi all.. i had a doubt.. i have started shaving down there too. but i have started noticing that it starts growing the very next day.. does it happen to ne1 else? how can u overcome it? i want it to stay clean atleast for a couple of days... Please help alwaysfrndz

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