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    increased sex drive during period
    chevygirl219 posted:
    Why do I want sex MORE during my period. Its like I think about it every waking moment. Am I the only women out there that has this problem? Is there something I can do about this? Other than the obvious?
    ladyhawk623 responded:
    Im thinking its due to a increase in your hormones at that time of the month. I know when I did have my period I enjoyed sex too. Sometimes I wished I could have my ovaries back to just help my lack of sex drive, hysterectomy due to Endometriosis and now in surgical menopause, even if I could borrow some hormones from someone that would be nice. LOL Anyway maybe if your comfortable you could enjoy sex if your partner doesnt mind the mess, but if it isnt possible maybe foreplay by yourself in the bathtub while taking a bath. It worked for me. Just a suggestion.
    Cat78fish responded:
    I don't think it's true that you have an increase of hormones during your period. As a matter of fact, I think the opposite is true. If anything, you would have an increase of hormones when you ovulate and not when you menstruate. Enjoying sex during your period doesn't have to be due to hormones. It can be just because sex (and especially orgasm) helps relieve menstrual cramps. Donna
    chevygirl219 responded:
    Thank you Donna that helps alot.
    amanda7787 responded:
    OMG!! meeee tooo. i for real think about it all the time when im on my period and my guy hates the sight of blood so he treats me like i have a diease and doesnt even come near but i want it all the time when im on my period and i think about it at work and i cant your not alone
    Contemplating19 responded:
    I had a best friend once that I noticed wouldn't call me nor see me during her mentrual cycle, all she would do was text me saying "I'm bleeding, see you in 3 days." When I asked her why she did that she said "Because I feel like I'm in heat, and I don't wanna mess up our friendship." (i.e. She's a lesbian. LOL)
    LMIthe2nd responded:
    "Other than the obvious?" What's wrong with the obvious? Knock yourself out, girl! :pbpt:

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