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toothpaste, peppermint oil, others
Woogsbie posted:
Hello! My girlfriend and I are experimenting with different items to rub on the vagina to enhance the experience. We wonder if all of these items are safe, or if any of you all had thoughts, findings on them 1.) toothpaste 2.) peppermint extract 3.) wintergreen 4.) Ben-Gay 5.) Tiger Balm 6.) Icy-Hot Any and all comments will be appreciated. Thank you!
Contemplating19 responded:
I have used toothpaste many times when performing oral sex on my gf. It causes a great tingling sensation for her. I also use winterfresh gum from time to time... just chew it for about 10 mins then go down... literally. With the toothpaste, I just brush my teeth right before oral sex. I have never used tiger balm however, and I wouldn't suggest icy-hot... that could give her a trip to the hospital. You could, however, just go buy some lubricate that's formulated to give that tingling sensation.
wifeandmomof2 responded:
tne mere thought of ben-gay or icy-hot on my cootchie sounds painful as all get out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever seen "pop rocks" candy??? the little granules of flavored candy that sizzle and pop in your mouth? I always wonder what they think at my local grocery store when i buy 5 packs!!! LOL Lisa
Contemplating19 responded:
My gf used pop rocks on me once... hurt like hell.
LMIthe2nd responded:
Subtle is better. Peppermint is probably OK; mentholatum is definitely not. Try toothpaste, gum or Altoids. Forget Ben-Gay, Tiger Balm or Icy Hot. Or, you could buy one of the new stimulating lubes offered in drugstores: KY Intense for Her or KY Yours & Mine.
Tongue2Toungue responded:
Correst me if I am wrong but I thought that anything containing sugar and getting inot a vagina could cause a yeast infection?

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