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Felatio, Women what do you prefer
Tongue2Toungue posted:
If given a chioce whould you have your man shave his shaft, the entire area, or just au natural? T2T
Jessegirl01 responded:
I'm not sure what you mean by the shaft having any hair. Do you mean around the base? I may be naive here, I've only been with 4 men, but don't remember any hair on the actual shaft. That said, it doesn't matter to me either way as long as he's clean. I did suggest to my current BF to shave his testicles so he would feel my tongue better when I gave him the full oral treatment, he liked that (so did I) but didn't like the itchiness of it growing back, so that didn't last very long. LOL To answer your question, it's whatever he is comfortable with.
Contemplating19 responded:
My gf prefers for me to be completely shaven down there. She claims that she can put her mouth on more areas if there is no hair. Then I had an ex that only liked it trimmed... Never had a woman that liked it au natural though...
Cat78fish responded:
I prefer that he shave the entire area because I hate hair in my mouth. He won't shave so I've learned to adapt. Donna
Tongue2Toungue responded:
This implies that more than just the 'shaft' is your preference?
ajl901 responded:
Jesse, Since you have only been with four men, and I have not way of knowing your age but it may come as a surprise to you. Men have the propensity to grow hair nearly everywhere but their eyeballs it seems especially as we get older. Of course, Mother Nature being the humorous lady that she is, sees to it that we lose it just where we most want it. Yes, I have found as I grow older, I have hair sprouting nearly every place. Including the shaft . And the base of my particular unit seems like it was fertilized on a regular basis. Talk about five o'clock shadow. But then I am blessed with hair nearly everywhere else including the outside rim of my right ear, not the left mind you, just the right. I shave the scrotum, the shaft, and I trim the area above. Not necessarily for my wife, just because I like the look and feel.
wifeandmomof2 responded:
just the shaft, and his scrotum,, the scrotum is a MUST, sooo much more pleasureable licking and sucking his "boys" when its just smooth skin.! and since i shave from my little button down, the feeling of his smooth scrotum slapping against my smoothness when we have doggy is fantastic! Lisa
crazyfoot40 responded:
However, I find that when I detect a hair between my teeth later, it makes me smile. Floss! :goofy: Tom
FCL responded:
I REALLY do not care. If I want him enough then hair isn't going to make the difference ... and I have been with all of the possibilities that you gave (grin). If I want a man enough then whether he has genital hair or not is not going to turn me off nor on ...
devildux responded:
I am not female but I feel obligated to share my opinion ...When I see Long curly pubes at a urinal it makes me want to GAG! * I (Electric razor) shave my entire body and I prefer a female to be HAIRLESS !...I don't like to put my face in a birds nest.
infinaty responded:
I just want him to have enough to call a long as it's big and hard...who cares about the hair!!!!
crazyfoot40 responded:
I say ditto to FCL. When it comes to a hairy woman or a slick woman, I really coundn't care less. I can't imagine having more or less desire because she has hair or doesn't have hair. Sometimes odor matters, but most odors are exciting as are tastes. :pbpt: Tom
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I'm happy with trimmed as my DH does. I don't care for au natural beause DH has a "scent" down there that I don't care for and if he doesn't at least trim, the scent is stronger. It's not a bad scent, it's just his natural scent.
Boyzmomee responded:

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