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    Mirena IUD w/brown period blood
    marvis123 posted:
    I just got my second Mirena placed about two weeks ago after having my first for the full five years. I have just gotten, what I believe, is my first period with this new IUD. My problem, the blood is dark brown and very spotty. This hasn't happened to me before and I'm not sure if it's normal. Has anyone else experienced this with the Mirena? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
    unknown responded:
    Hello Marvis123, I got Mirena about 3 weeks ago & got the brown spotting too, i think its a mix of blood and the brown sterelizer stuff they put in there before insertion... you'll stop seing more of the red spotting and less of the brown... i wouldnt be concerned but maybe a call to your doctor will make you feel better. When i got my first actual period i noticed some brown spotting (maybe the first 1-2 days) mixed with the blood. now i dont see it... still spotting like they said i would .. Hope this helped!
    BeautifulBluegras responded:
    I had the same color blood as you a few weeks after mine was put in. Rather thick and eventually became spotty.

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