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Exchange upgrade disappointment.....
darlyn05 posted:
We all need to be patient. It's only been 2 1/2 days since the new launch. They are working on it. They got it up and running with faults yes, and as soon as they could in an effort not to disrupting our benefits we obtain through WebMd. This is not just a chat room. There is valuable information here on the home page that we can all use in a healthy fashion. We are all human. And there are only so many humans to go around in todays economy. Anyone remember the old adege "Those who throw stones at glass house's". For those of you that think you can do better and you know all that and you're all that plus a bag of chips, feel free to apply to WebMd's IT staff.

Those of you that have been complaining have all been patrons and regulars with WebMd. For lack of a better term, we don't pay for their service, it's offered free!!! So for those of you that think you can connect a worldwide website in a matter of hours, I encourage you to apply to WebMd. I'd like to see your resume's.
dksmart responded:
This is how you respond to customers, that visit this site. You need a lesson in customer service, because that is what we are.

When I logged on yesterday, I thought I had the wrong page, and kept trying to find the old page.

The site is hard to look at and confusing. I am not sure if I want to come back.
darlyn05 replied to dksmart's response:
dk, I'm not a WebMd staff member. Just a regular poster like yourself, so please don't blame any staff for my post. I just found it disheartening to continue re-reading complaints concerning the upgrade. And I know that the staff is still working on the system, AND also trying to fix what the members are complaining about. It's all good that we let them know what we feel is wrong with the upgrade, that way they can maybe do something about it. I guess I was just tired and let it get to me. I apologize if I offended you.
mhtyler2 replied to darlyn05's response:
Actually, a message board is a trivial thing to put together. There are at least a dozen solutions you can get off the shelf and plug into your own code that will do the job. Someone here has gone way out of their way to make this incomprehensible.

I'm only posting here because I've found what looks like a good series of sex forums at

I'm checking them out.
Boyzmomee replied to mhtyler2's response:
I may go there too. This is a mess.
kelseyshayne responded:
Darlyn i was just browsing and I stumbled across this. Honey i don't blame you for your post because for one thing when i saw the site after the changes I didn't get upset and didn't get frustrated I just browsed around because it seemed very interesting I found exchanges I never knew you had. And there were far too many people complaining instead of just plainly asking for help getting around. Is this a kids website now because from where I'm standing there sure is a lot of whining going on. Be grateful we have a website we can go to for free and enjoy ourselves and meet other people feel comfortable sharing our problems most sites like these are not free so the next time you think to complain think about just how much money you're spending for your membership here! Love ya Darlyn
J5DC2 replied to dksmart's response:
Really? how much do you pay for the services?
J5DC2 replied to J5DC2's response:
On my post above I was replying to dksmart who says he is a customer and he wants to be treated as such.
kelseyshayne replied to J5DC2's response:
Thank you I couldn't have said it better!

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