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oral sex
An_210832 posted:
love it when my husband goes down on me after he has deposited his semen in me but alot of times it is hard to get him to do that right after he has cum-----any of you ladys out there enjoy this when your vagina is full of hot semen----it is just a big turn-on for me to see him and to feel him licking me knowing that his semen is leaking out
An_210833 responded:
she shares my cum with me after she goes down on me. I love the taste and the closeness. I also love to lick my cum out of her.
13dan replied to An_210833's response:
I have tried this with my wife and she feels it is disgusting and that I am a freak!!!!!! I would love it if she felt it was a turn on when her nest is full.
I agree there is a closeness in doing this, I just wish my partner felt the same!!!
13dan responded:
I would love to do that but my wife would think that it is disgusting or I am a freak!!!! Would even try it with a deposit after anal (which dosnt happen).
It is a very close and personal experience and you are lucky that the both of you enjoy and trust each other.
susanisgreat replied to 13dan's response:
love it when my husband cums inside me.( it feels great) i let his penis inside me for a couple of min
Italiano58 responded:
I have gone down on women many times after i cum in them, and love licking and sucking my cum from their vagina's. It is also a big turn on for me as well. I also find it such a turn on when we kiss, whether it's after i suck my cum from their vaginas, or they have a mouthful of my cum after pleasing me orally. The sharing process is a huge turn on, i guess i have to be thankful that the women i've been with find it as equally a turn on for them too.
13dan replied to Italiano58's response:
you are very lucky to find people who enjoy that....
JRW1874 replied to 13dan's response:
How do you get your girl to let you cum inside of her? Mine wont let me cause she thinks she will get pregnant! But she has an IUD so I don't think she will, what can I do to get her to share that with me? And I don't know if I would like tasting my on seamen but I do make out with her after I cum in her mouth. But she gags, she doesn't like the taste. Also what can I do to make it taste better for her.

I want to cum inside her so bad I would do anything for her to let me fill her up. "Anything" I am getting turned on just thinking about it......... any thoughts?
elle0317 replied to JRW1874's response:
Why did she get the IUD in the first place? Does she not know what it is for? To make your semen taste better try eating sweet fruit, like pineapple, a few hours before she gives you oral.
Foreverinyoureyes2 replied to elle0317's response:
I agree with Elle.

Why did your girlfriend go through the drama of getting an IUD placed if she was not going to trust it to be reliable birth control?

Perhaps you should both do some research together about how the device works, failure rates, etc...

Obviously the only 100% reliable form of birth control is abstinance, and the IUD will not protect against STD's. However, you just always pick a birth control method (s) that you feel confident in. She does not appear to be very confident in the IUD.
An_210834 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
That would be amazing if I could find a guy to go down on me after he cums inside of me. Or even continue to have sex after he cums inside me. After he cums inside me, he pulls out and we are done. How can I get him continue to have sex with me after he cums???
JRW1874 replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
She got it because she always forgets to take the pill, and part of it was so I could cum inside her but know that she has it she won't let me . I will definitely try the Fruit/Pineapple idea.
And for the last part I think that if she did let me do that I might even try to go down on her if she wants but I think she will think it is gorse, I don't know how I feel about it either lol maybe.


I your right that's one of the reasons that I want to cum inside her, it seems like every time I have to cum she is like wait wait L if she would just let me go I would keep going until she cum's with me"026. I think that would be so hot!

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