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Women and Pornograhy!!
An_210869 posted:
Do women enjoy pornography as much as men???
Lost_Kitten13 responded:
i dont, i dont like looking at other guys parts, plus why would you watch that anyway? i know some girls and guys like it but i would rather think about my love in my head when i masterbate by myself...also why do some guys have to watch a porn to get in the mood? to me thats kinda a bad thing they should be able to get in the mood by themselves by thinking about being with you...on a bad note if my love had to watch porn to get horny i wouldnt like that....
FCL responded:
I certainly do ...
Poppy999 responded:
Yes, I do too. I am in no way lesbian, but I prefer seeing womens parts as much as mens. When hubby and I first met we could watch a (mild) naughty movie together or look through magazines, (that I would have bought!), but now he really does not like porn at all...???
13dan replied to Poppy999's response:
Thats incredible that you feel that way. It is an amazing turn on when a woman enjoys watching a naughty movie or paging through a dirty magazine (and for you Poppy999 to go out and buy it!!!! AMAZING)
LoveYorkies responded:
I enjoy porn too. I also am NOT lesbian but I think the female body is much more appealing than the male body (sorry guys). Usually I only watch porn during masturbation, for some reason my husband doesn't like to watch it while having sex.
veryinquisitive responded:
I like watching porn when I masturbate. And I also like thinking about my lover when I masturbate. My thought is that men don't like to watch porn w/their women because she might be comparing the men in the film to the real lover. Men have fragile egos when it comes to the bedroom.
gregorwhy replied to LoveYorkies's response:
need a fill in?
Dbldelites responded:
What's that they say? Different strokes for different folks? :) I am female and not a lesbian. I do, however, enjoy watching porn no matter which sex, male or female, is involved. As long as no one is objecting, it's all good. Sexual pleasure is a beautiful matter how you obtain it.
Poppy999 replied to 13dan's response:
I guess I am just a very sensual woman Dan. Though I have never gone in to an "adult store" yet!!!!
Mind you, there is a big diff between what I consider naughty and soft porn, compared to some real sleaze and filth...
Also I would hesitate to refer to mags/books as "dirty"...just "erotica"...might come across better to your partner too!
As for buying it, I have had some sideways glances from the guys browsing in the newsagents here, as they are leafing thro' a magazine and I am browsing along the top shelf!! :-)

For me the secret there is to exude confidence. I meet theire eye levely, and choose what I want, then stride up to the cashier and say some thing like "there's no need for a bag, I have one already thank you", or maybe "Oh I have the exact correct money here"...actually acknowledge the person, be blasé about it.
Long times past now...
3point14 responded:
I like porn more than my boyfriend does.

So, yes.
legs1969 responded:
Yes, if not more. If I find something tasty I'll show it to my husband.
bobsie responded:
ofcourseeeeee !!! y wouldn't we? we all need stimulations whenever we feel like having the pleasure of it....
So...I say... goooo for it !!!
We don't need to feel ashamed of that need of ours...
It's a biological thing and finding a means to give way to that desire thru porno thing is much better than going out there and finding a partner who is not even ur bf or hubby...( in their absence.. hehehe)

sweetbea47 replied to Lost_Kitten13's response:
i agree with you i would be offended, if my husband needed porn to get into me...i can't see why someone would accept that from their mate, that is in a way insulting.
Lost_Kitten13 replied to sweetbea47's response:
glad to see that someone agrees with me thanks...also you dont see any other species watching eachother do it to get in the mood now do we? no

an need? it shouldnt be a need....if you need to watch porn to get in the mood to have some sexual fun with your mate then you must not love him/her enough or sumthing like that...if your not able to get in the mood on your own or with your loves help WITHOUT the use of porn then dont do anything sexual or just use foreplay...without watching porn....

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