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Srv2813 posted:
i know this gonna probably be an awkward and weird question but here it friend thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him...they havent had sex in a week and went to go have sex with her last night well he told me that she feels different then she normally does so my question is how long does it take for a girl to get tight again after she has had sex?
FCL responded:
To start with, sex doesn't make you loose so there isn't tightening afterwards ... What does make sex feel different is more (or less) lubrication. If she was very wet, then her vagina may have felt looser (because slicker) to him.

Tell me, why would he want to sleep with someone he suspects of sleeping with someone else? Why doesn't he just confront her and get to the bottom of this rather than harbouring suspicions (when you start to suspect, everything the other does becomes a confirmation of what you suspect and even if they're totally innocent you continue to convince yourself of the contrary).
ontbear responded:
Ha If you are not married or engaged, she can do what she wants. You have to work harder on your relationship, if you really want to spend your lives together. I have dated others and so have my gf at the time. Don't so bent out of shape.
FCL replied to ontbear's response:
"Ha If you are not married or engaged, she can do what she wants."

I disagree. Marriage and engagement are not the be-all and end-all of a relationship. If they are in a monogamous relationship they are both entitled to expect the other to be faithful. You and your gf no doubt decided not to be exclusive. Open relationships are still not the norm ...
monkeygirl89 replied to FCL's response:
summerheaven responded:
its the muscles it depends on if she uses them or not. and if she don't excersie them thay will feel like your lose.
Srv2813 replied to FCL's response:
thank you for the advice and i have told him the same thing to just confront her but he doesnt want to unless hes sure. so he was just a little confused and still is but thank you and i agree a relationship should not be open cuz then its just not a relationship its dating.
An_211059 replied to Srv2813's response:
There maybe an emotional issue that may be going on with her that is causing her to be withdrawn. Before he jump the gun he should sit down at talk to her and find out what is bothering her. As a female when we are emotional depressed we lose our sex drive. Also it is true about its a muscle but it can be all in his head and when he had sex with her, his mind was already made up that she have been sexual active with someone else since she wasn't sleep with him.
Srv2813 replied to An_211059's response:
they have been together for almost a year now....they have only been having sex with each other. He did ask her tho and try to see what is going on and she straight up changed the subject and just accused him of not trusting her and she never answered his question. Come on now i would say just from that i think she is but i can be wrong am i?
FCL replied to Srv2813's response:
It depends on what he asked her. If my partner asked me if were sleeping with someone else his feet wouldn't touch the ground as he left the building. I would be incredibly offended. OTOH, if I were asked her in a non-confrontational manner if there was a particular reason I didn't want to have sex I would react very differently.

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