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Sudden Need
wifeandmomof1 posted:
My husband and I had gone on a double date with another married couple who is also expecting. We went back to their place after going out to eat to watch a movie. During the movie, the other woman went down on her husband under the blanket, so I figured what the heck... I went under the covers and gave him oral, it was soooo hot. We had hot passionate sex when we got back to our place... (alone)

Anyone else done anything like this?Poll: Have you ever gave a blow job under the covers with someone else in the room? Yes, Love it|Yes, it was okay|no|heck I had sex with someone else in the room|

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Have you ever given a blow job (under the covers) with someone else in the room?
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  • Yes (on top of covers)
  • no
  • Heck, I had sex under the covers
  • Had sex on top of the covers
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An_211419 responded:
That is a dangerous precipice in a relationship, I think once you go there you could never go back to how things were before with your Husband. I mean if it's just for fun with some boyfriend, go ahead............but with your Husband? I could never do that with a boyfriend, let alone my Husband. My marriage is sacred to me, and I want it to last forever. I don't feel I need another person in my marriage. My Husband and I are more than enough. We give each other everything we need and we don't need anyone else's help. I am not judging anyone, people can do whatever they want with their life. That's just how our marriage works. I knew two married couples who went down that road and they are both now divorced. I think needing someone else involved in your sexual relationship with your significant other, only means something is lacking and you need excitement from an outer source. Then there will be need for more and more.......etc.
firefighter38111 responded:
I saw your response and I looked at your previous posts. I like your Nic and you have to be from the south. You use the word "yall". I agree with Anon22281 in that you need to be very careful in involving others even if just visual. I am not being judgmental not wanting you and your spouse to be careful. Every one of us has the need for reaffirmation of our body. You're pregnant and I think that's especially important for you. I wish my wife could get pregnant because she would look so darn sexy (Sexier). We both got fixed in our previous marriages. I texted my wife at work and asked her if she had the fantasy of being caught in the shower at the fire station and she texted back she would think about it. We only had one rule when we got married no one else in the bedroom and really that's allows for everything but that. Be careful. My wife and I use a lot of fantasy and role playing to keep things fresh and cerebrally we can do a lot of things and not step out of bounds. I had called my wife to see how her day was going and she said just ok and said she was off to the hospital cafeteria. I waited about 10 minutes and texted her, "I'll bet I can text you with something that will get your nipples erect and you want be able to stop it. I know just what to say." She called me back immediately and told me, "Please not now I am in cafeteria." I told her I know." No! I didn't but it was fun and helped her distress from work. Again be careful use fantasies and other ways except for another to actually view yall. <<< We are from Mississippi. Yall is taught in class..j/k enjoy your day
5337guy responded:
I disagree with the previous 2 responses, and agree with you that what you did was hot, and then you went home to have hot sex alone. Evidently, you didn't give a complete bj under the blanket when you were with your friends. But so what if you had? It's not like you were having sex with someone besides your husband. I think it's great to keep your relationship hot in this way, and to have such a close relationship with your couple friends that you can comfortably do this.
An_211420 replied to 5337guy's response:
so your saying that if the bj was complete then they would of not had any sex back home ,based on what your experience my experience has been when the sex is hot I'm ready again in 5 mins of course at 23 people are different ,but to assume you make an ass of you and me
An_211421 responded:
My opinion is that it's kinda cheap and tacky ... but if that's what lights your candle then do it. Why bother hiding under the covers?

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