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Penis in female urethra during sex
modgirl13 posted:
I don't think his penis is going where it should go. I'm not loose, rather snuggly secured. But I swear his penis just slides right in. I don't have pain or anything on the inside, though today I have discomfort on the outside, like if it's sore. Is it possible it could be going just north of where it should be going????? If this isn't the correct forum, please advise. Thank you.
Contemplating19 responded:
I'm positive he isn't going into your urethra. If he did you would know... trust me.

There is nothing wrong with his penis sliding right in, you don't always feel pain while having sex. Just like you don't always feel pleasure. Is he entering you when he's fully erect? Are you even into him sexually?
Cat78fish responded:
Hon, there is absolutely no way he could just slide in if he were going in your urethral opening. The urethral opening is very small. It's likely that you are just very wet and that's why he slides in so easily.
modgirl13 replied to Contemplating19's response:
Yes, he is fully erect and yes, I am very into him sexually. He always talks about the sexual chemistry we have.

I took a mirror and looked down there and the urethra opening seemed big and the other one was kinda tight b/c I inserted my finger. I don't know what to think. Maybe I should just forget about????? Thanks you two for your responses:)
Ilovecookie replied to modgirl13's response:
WHAT? You put your finger in your uretha? Omg maybe you should go to your gyno. I have never heard of that happening.
Contemplating19 replied to Ilovecookie's response:
Are you sure that it was your urethra you were looking at? I'm not trying to call you dumb, nor talk down to you but the vagina is a complex area.

If it was your urethra then I would seek the help of a gyno.
elle0317 replied to Contemplating19's response:
she didn't say she put her finger in her urethra, the poster before you mis-read her post. She said the urethra opening seems big and 'other one' was kinda tight b/c she inserted her finger(I assume the 'other one' means her vagina, as that and the urethra are the only two holes down there). There is absolutely no way she put her finger in her urethra, it would be like a man putting his finger in his urethra - not going to happen unless she ws born with a serious birth defect, which I'm sure she would have mentioned in her first post.
lissmeanstrouble replied to Contemplating19's response:
your urethra... should be much much smaller then your vagina, yous hould NOT be able to place a finger into with out feelin intens pain, I also am not tryo>n to be mean or call your dumb, but I think you have your urethra and vagina mixed up or something.
incysor responded:
It's possible you have two vaginas. It's called uterus didelphys. It's very rare, but the women that are born this way usually have one vagina that's larger than the other. The most likely answer is that you're having normal intercourse. When a woman is truly aroused the penis should slide in without pain.

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