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Oral sex and sore throat
An_211693 posted:
So this weekend (Friday and Saturday) was the first time I have my boyfriend oral sex without a condom, all other times we had used protection. He was tested about a week ago and I was with him when he got the phone call that he was clean. When I got back home today (he lives 4 hrs away) I had a sore throat that has been here all day. We had oral sex yesterday. Should I be worried? Would symptoms show up that quick? My boyfriend isn't showing any signs of an STD. Any advice that could be given would be wonderful and I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Erynsays responded:
I'm not a doctor but a sore throat can be caused by many factors including perhaps your bf wasn't clean ( penile cleanliness especially non circumsized males ) and you don't say how long you engaged in having oral or how many times or if you ingested all he had which in all cases would be enough to irritate your throat..Perhaps,since he lives 4 hours away he may have been comming down with a cold and exposed you too it..If your bf was just tested and he tested negative for std's I seriously doubt that having oral sex would be cause for considerable alarm..but,in case you still have a sore throat and it continues for several days and you your self start to feel like you are comming down with a cold then that should be the problem..If not,I'd suggest going to see your personal doctor if you have one or the nearest local clinic and have them check you out just to be on the safe side and then if there is a next time..use a condom...Erynsays...
dexter836 responded:
giving oral sex with a condom feeling or any fun in that.its like taking a shower with a rain coat on..whats the purpose in it...
Elle0317 replied to dexter836's response:
a condom may reduce the fun but an STD can bring your fun to a screeching halt, which is why people need to use condoms.
dexter836 replied to Elle0317's response:
so what about all the nasty stuff he can get from her..yeast infection and god know what else a man get from going down on females..long as they are honest to each a champ and take it down like a lady should
Elle0317 replied to dexter836's response:
Her question was about giving HIM oral and a yeast infection is not an STD. There are barriers to use while giving a woman oral too. A man can catch the same amount of STD's by going down on a woman as a woman can from giving oral to man. Not everyone is honest, so wrap it up!
resagail2 replied to Elle0317's response:
Well u can get syphllis of the throat from oral sex & some other things If there was friction during oral sex for a prolonged time, depending on how deep in ur throat penetration was & for how long u could have a sort of rug burn syndrome. However, U can count on guys LYING about anything to do w/sex, not that women don't too, but watch Dr. Phil, Oprah, u name it about cheating spouses & the TV shows it just like it is. Lying dead in ur face when u've got the proof. I've never seen a woman do that, though they may. We tend to get all weepy & remorseful, I think. Guilt seems to bother us more. Maybe it's the macho image, I don't know. Science/discovery channel says it's survival of the species. YEAH RIGHT! I've had 1st hand experience. they will lie w/evidence in UR hand & caught red handed staring u straight in the face. I also worked infection control for some yrs. & tested for STD's & got to give results back. Unless u saw those test results in ur hand don't beleive it (why did he get testes & for what) & have been w/him 24/7 since the test u have know way of knowing what happend after the test.

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