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numbness of the mouth after oral sex
numbsthemouth posted:
My BF just informed me after the past few times he gave me oral sex it made his mouth numb. He stated that it tasted like I had taken a cleaning wipe(clorox) and wiped myself with. I do take quite of few bath oppose to showers throughout the week. I don't think it's a yeast infection because I have no itching or burning. I had a STD test done this year and I know 100% that I was negative for anything. Help!!!
alaska_mommy responded:
Do you use any bubble bath or any other bathing products besides soap? I'm wracking my brains here to think of something and I wonder if it's anything like that? Or products used to clean the tub with?
numbsthemouth replied to alaska_mommy's response:
No bubbles. I do use clorox spray to clean the tub, but I will take a shower after cleaning the tub to be sure I got the bleach rinsed out. I also will use men's shaving cream (it's cheaper than women). I'm thinking it could be that. Thank you for your response.
alaska_mommy replied to numbsthemouth's response:
That's a good idea about the shave cream. Men's has a pretty strong smell. Sometimes the women's stuff can be pretty reasonable, like Suave or whatever's on sale. I buy the expensive stuff (Skintimate) but only because my DH likes it best (less razor burn). Anyway, good luck!
LoveMyLady replied to alaska_mommy's response:
I'm betting it's the men's shaving cream. Alot of them including the one I use on my face has menthol in it. They are all stronger - I have to use women's shave cream to shave my pubic area for that very reason.

Also, this reminded me of being careful to rinse my mouth really well after using Plax or Listerine and brushing my teeth, before giving my lady oral sex - once she yelled like crazy as soon as I started licking her...strong "Minty Fresh" toothpaste!
alaska_mommy replied to LoveMyLady's response:
Haha poor thing! That must have stung!
Contemplating19 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
Interesting, I would purposely put strong menthol toothpaste on my tounge or suck on a strong minty breathmint before performing oral sex on my ex and she loved it.

Then again, sexually my ex was different from most women. Her clitoris had to have rough and hard pressure applied to it for her to orgasm, etc. Sometimes so rough that my hand would hurt if I was pleasing her manually.
An_211996 replied to Contemplating19's response:
My wife the same, lips would get a work out very intense..!!
My fingers would have to work long and hard to bring her to an orgasm.. very seldom by regular inter course .. anyway
she was pleased .. just having sex is all i need to get off
no complaint there just a regular size, she enjoys it!! so do i

good to see somone else had to work like me to get there ex off.
booboo07 responded:
Were you using a spermicide? The N-9 in spermicide will definitely make your BF's mouth numb.
northeastoregonkid responded:
This happened to me as well, and it struck rather suddenly. I had barely just begun when lips, gums, tongue felt like I'd gotten a shot of Novocain, or perhaps a mouthful of it. We haven't done any oral sex in well over a year, but used to quite often and never a reaction such as this.

Could it be to my wife's use of Ambien, Gabapentin, and amitriptyline? I've been on an anticonvulsant for well over 30 years, and have never had such a reaction with previous partners either, so reluctant to blame it on my meds.

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