Can Gonorrhea be spread by sharing soft drinks and kisses on the cheeks?
An_212493 posted:
I went to the doc. earlier this month with what I thought was sore throat and the strep test was negative but it was so bad that they gave me amoxicillin anyway. I'm not sure if I was exposed to gonorrhea, and If so CAN GONORRHEA BE SPREAD BY SHARING SOFT DRINKS AND KISSES ON THE CHEEK???? I was just at a family function after I finished my antibiotics and know I shared drinks.

I don't have the best immune system and I get ill relating to stress very easily. I get oral infections all the time and never gave any mind to gonorrhea, until I read the symptoms and I think I'm being paranoid now. My boyfriend has no symptoms that I know of, but some people don't get symptoms. I'm was on penicillin and I get terrible yeast infections from that antibiotic. My partner and I have been having sex while I was sick so regardless I could still have it.....My symptoms for my sore throat have declined it's still hard to swallow for some reason, and I'm getting so worked up about this that I don't feel well due to anxiety. I'm a big mess! someone please help me I'm very worried.
Contemplating19 responded:
I would say your chances of catching gonorrhea through soft drinks/cheek kissing are as slim as a woman getting pregnant by kissing alone.

Why walk around worried? Just go get tested. A good 2 week period is long enough to get tested for gonorrhea.
An_212494 replied to Contemplating19's response:
I know my question is ridiculousness/embarrassing and dramatic.....but I'm just nervous/paranoid. I plan on getting asap this wk. On webMD it informs that it's only spread by oral/vaginal/anal sex, but I still was a little worried. Thanks so much for the feed back.
FCL replied to An_212494's response:
No, you can't get if from sharing drinks nor kissing on cheeks. OTOH, you may well have caught mono...:) You might want to read this - I'm pretty sure it will reassure you:

And don't worry about your questions - if you don't ask you'll never learn!
An_212495 replied to FCL's response:
I need to stop ready symptoms for STDs seems like whatever symptom you have for whatever type of common illness it's a symptom for an STD.
It does sound like mono as well....I guess STD screening and mono screening is in my future. Fun Fun.