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Queening chair
An_212571 posted:
Would like to know what a queening chair is, how it works and if anyone else has ever used one and your experiences with it.
FCL responded:
Seriously? Google is your friend ...

Queening chairs or stools are fabulous. End of story.

Why do you ask?
Vigoro replied to FCL's response:
I wen to the website you suggested. OMG this looks soooo erotic!! I really would like to try this. Some awesome orgasms could be had I'm sure! I can only imagine the part where it explained that the female's muscles relax, exposing the labia and allowing the labia to hang down so that her partner has easier access to touch and lick would be so exciting!! Have you ever tried one out? I want to know more. I am thinking it would be great with two females taking turns being on the chair, being sucked and licked until cumming - what a turn on!
Dedi1946 replied to FCL's response:
Never used one FCL but have let my partner squat over my face on her knees & it is wonderful. Everything is so relaxed & I can get to her vagina & lips very easy. She loves it also!!! ~S~
An_212572 replied to Dedi1946's response:
Is she able to orgasm? Does she cum all over your face? Does she squat over your face facing forward or backward or both? I would think facing backward she could possible give you a bj while you are pleasuring her or at least giving you a hand job?
Dedi1946 replied to An_212572's response:
Yes she has a great orgasm! Yes she will wet my face & chin when she cums. Squats & leans forward mostly. I don't like for her to give me a BJ or HJ while she is squatting over my face. I want her to enjoy me licking & pleasing her orally! Sometimes we will get into a 69 position with her on top but not often. We will do this only after she has had a orgasm or 2. I love pleasing a lady orally and getting her really wet & feeling her wiggle & move around on my face while my tongue explores her woman hood. When I feel like she is going to have a orgasm I also suck on her clit @ that time & she will cum very quickly then! Then we like to kiss passionately. we do this also after she gives me a BJ!!!
Mensch59 replied to FCL's response:
Side effect of your post. I have just learned that Wikipedia is an awesome source of sexual information and uninhibited illustrations. Access to such info was next to impossible for most of my life.
An_212573 replied to Dedi1946's response:
She is a very lucky lady! Does she ever give you a bj while on her knees? i will get on my knees and give my so a bj. I am at just the right height when I am on my knees as he thrusts his penis in and out of my mouth. After that sometimes he then goes down on me so we are both completely pleasured!
An_212574 replied to An_212573's response:
Just an FYI Wikipedia is a crap site! People ad there own information to it. Not evrything is ture with what you read on there. Anyone can add information to it. However it is a cool site. If you want real information that is important I would choose another site.
FCL replied to An_212574's response:
If all you want to know is what a queening chair/stool is then Wiki is quite adequate. :) If you want to know how to build an atom bomb, then yes, seek your information elsewhere...
Mensch59 replied to An_212574's response:
Crap is on Wiki, just like ANYWHERE on the web. In the past there was nothing or next to nothing out there and what you got was often filtered to conform to moral standards. I once looked at a friend's English/Russian dictionary and nowhere is there a listing for penis or vagina? How can a woman with minimal english communicate with her doctor if she can't find the word for her vagina?
How can kids growing up learn about sexuality without real illustrations and using real words? For many, porn was the only source. Non porn resourses were hidden away or restricted at libraries and bookstores, so those who need the info the most got nothing. At least Wiki offers something.
Cat78fish responded:
The only picture of a queening chair I saw on the internet looked like it would be very expensive. You don't really need a queening chair anyways because all it really does is assist a woman in getting oral sex. Basically a woman getting on her hands and knees and hovering over her partner's face would have the same effect of relaxing the labia just like a queening chair would. I've always found that giving my husband a bj at the same time I'm receiving oral just enhances my own orgasm anyway so a queening chair probably wouldn't be for me. Besides, can you imagine what a conversation piece it would be if someone saw it in your room? How would you explain it to your child if they wondered what it was?
Dedi1946 replied to Cat78fish's response:
I agree on the conversation piece. Would be hard to explain to a younger one! I have always foung it very easy to please a woman orally when she straddled my face. Everything was relaxed & easy to get too. I have a hard time concentrating doing a 69! Would rather please her until she is completely satisfied then she can return the favor ~S~

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