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Severe Throat Infections After Deep Throating
wrenny3 posted:
I started deep throating in the last year and enjoy it very much. Never had any trouble until I had a bacterial infection in my throat that had to be the result of playing. I was put on antibiotics and was still sick for a full week. Since that bout, I've had three other various types of throat infections, including tonsilitis, all happening about 2 days post deep throating. This most recent infection is viral. I don't always get sick after deep throat, but often enough that I need to take action and seek advice. We are spotlessly clean, but I do take his cock down my throat after he's been in my vagina (never after anal). I am careful to gargle with a 10% peroxide rinse following play (gly oxide) and am wondering what else I can do to prevent these infections short of stopping such play or using condomns. I'm an educated adult who has made a lifestyle choice and I'm looking for possible preventive solutions and immunity boosters, not a lecture about using condomns. Thanks for your consideration and help.
Mrs_Sandoval responded:
I have never heard of getting throat infections from deep throating. I deep throat my husband all the time and dont rinse my mouth with peroxide and I have never gotten an infection. Talk with your physician.
alaska_mommy responded:
If I don't take antibiotics every day, I get a UTI every time (and I do mean EVERY time) after my husband and I have sex. I wonder if the deep throating issue is similar for you? That, for normal people, it should be no problem, but for whatever reason, for you it causes infections? IDK. But maybe talk to your doctor or an ENT doc. Did you try googling it to see if anybody else has this happen?
BTW immunity boosters--Vitamin C all the way. You can take lots of it (even 20 a day of 500mg tablets) because it's water soluble, so any excess is flushed out by the body, so you won't be able to OD yourself on it. Vitamin D is good too, the sunshine vitamin, it helps with immunity (so I've heard). I take about 5,000 IU's a day (although I am a nursing mom so that may be higher than I'd need if I wasn't). Get out in the sun if you can too, that's helpful.
Echinacea, goldenseal, acidophilous, garlic, cod liver oil (in capsule form please! Yuck) are all good for immune support. Drinking lots of water is good too. And eating fresh veggies and fruit daily, good too. Couldn't hurt to have a multivitamin daily.
Oh yeah, zinc lozenges are what my mom had us suck on whenever we had a cold, they help you get better faster, you could try using those if you feel something coming on.
Good luck!
alaska_mommy responded:
Another thing I thought of--is it possible your SO is a little too rough on your throat? Any kind of injury to the soft tissues is an invitation for infection. Maybe try going a little easier and see if that helps?
wrenny3 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
He isn't rough at all, and from what I'm hearing here and elsewhere, this shouldn't be happening, so I think it's a matter of low immunity and taking better care of myself. Your ideas are all wonderful and I've jotted them down to come up with a before and after approach to take to increase my resistance. I'm not getting sick everytime we play, and am sorry to hear that you are. There have been medical cases where a woman can be allergic to her partner's sperm, but the symptoms were far different. A long time ago, I battled UTIs non-stop, but they ended along with the relationship. I'm sure you are right that the partner we are with affects our health in more ways than we can even imagine. All best and thanks for your response!
wrenny3 replied to Mrs_Sandoval's response:
Thanks for your reply. It's good to know that this shouldn't be happening.

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