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Cunniling prefereces
An_212757 posted:
Ladies, what methods really turn you when receiving oral sex? If you are bi, do you prefer the way a man or a woman gives you oral and why?
An_212758 responded:
I like to sit on my partner like the 69 position, but I do not like 69 for some reason I cant concentrate on my own feelings while im working :) so I please him before or after usually. I have never rcvd oral from a woman, but im sure they would be pretty skilled at it, but I think a man can be just as skilled if they are experienced and coached in the right directions :)
An_212759 responded:
I like to be on my knees hovering over his head while he is laying down. At the same time I'm gripping on to the headboard while he is playing with my...ummmm can you say the t*ts word on here...I'm not sure....I also like it when he blows on me occassionally while doing it, especially if we've used a warming or tingling lube.

Anyway that's extremely pleasureable like that.

I am not bi and have never experienced another woman doing that...but I always imagined that another woman would know exactly how to do it the best (on another woman that is), what to concentrate on the most, and the exact amount of pressure to do it at.

I've always thought that each of the sexes touches the other in the manner THEY would most likely want to be touched instead of the way the receiving person might want it. For example, sometimes I have to tell my husband to be a little more gentle, softer or easier, while sometimes he has to tell me to squeeze tighter/harder. I don't think it's intentional...I just think it's something some of us automatically do.
An_212760 replied to An_212758's response:
So do you sit on your partner's face while receiving oral?
An_212761 replied to An_212760's response:
An_212762 replied to An_212759's response:
Yeah its really nice that way too! Good point I agree with what you said about how you touch someone how you want to be touched.
Dedi1946 replied to An_212761's response:
I love it when she sits on my face. Usually I am lying flat on my back & she straddles my face. She can move it any where she wants attention at. I love giving it that way. I like for her to wash my fave good with her woman hood! The wetter she gets the better I like it.

Don't care for 69 too much for that same reason. If I have satisfied her several times & she is finishing me I like to 69 sometimes so I will have something to Kiss when I am cumming!!!!
An_212763 responded:
I love to stand and for him to kneel down while he sucks me. I always put a pillow or a blanket under his knees. I love it when he looks up at me with his beautiful eyes. I basically make love to his face. I also love to look down on him and show him who is his sex boss. He also plays softly with my nipples or gently tugs at them. He loves to get them really hard. I orgasm with my hands grasping his beautiful hair.

I love him so much. In whatever position he is giving me oral sex or making love to me, he doesn't let me go when I orgasm. He keeps going and going. He doesn't stop until I am begging him to stop, my hair is completely drenched in sweat, my legs are shaking uncontrollably....... I have to literally push him away......... even then sometimes he keeps going and I just keep getting orgasms. Sometimes I have to scratch his back hard so he stops. If he has had a long day, he stops as soon as I ask him to. I love having sex with him so much. He is such a MAN!!!!!!!!
3point14 responded:
Contrary to popular belief, women are not more skilled than men are when it comes to oral sex. Experience, consideration and attentiveness play WAY more of a role than gender.

I once asked an ex of mine to slow down. She said "I got the same parts, I know what you like.". I have never gone so quickly from aroused to completely disgusted. She kept ineffectual lapping at my "parts" while I layed there and thought about other women. After an orgasm I can only describe as "begrudging" I gave her slow, slow oral sex. She kept begging for me to go fast, like she'd been giving me. I said "I got the same parts, I know what you like.". She immediately stood up and started complaining. I more or less ignored her.

Not one of my finer moments, but just because you have a vagina, does NOT mean you know what to do with one.
TristinH replied to 3point14's response:
Not one of my finer moments, but just because you have a vagina, does NOT mean you know what to do with one.

TristinH responded:
I doubt performing well has anything to do with being a man or a woman. Some men are incredibly "talented" in that area. I think they are because they listen and pay attention to what the woman wants and how she responds.
An_212764 responded:
I always find it humurous and not very sex at all when a guy performs oral by "flicking" the clitoris with the very tip of his tongue. Word to the fellas: That does not work.
Think of the clitoris as being the same as the head of your penis. How do you like recieivng oral sex on the head of your penis? Probably not with little flicks from the tip of her tongue, as if she is afraid of the thing.
I personally like it when a guy sucks my clitoris entirely and uses the whole with of his tongue flattened out on all of my parts down there. Don't be shy and by all means don't be rough either.
Listen to her responding and pick up on what she is responding to the best.
An_212765 replied to An_212764's response:
Whenever possible !
An_212766 responded:
I sit on the edge of the bed, my s.o. kneels down on the floor and I put my legs up over his shoulders while he is sucking me and eating me out. It is fabulous as I can thrust myself up into his mouth even more. When I am done cumming, we switch positions and I get on my knees while he is standing and suck on him until he cums wildly! He is quite large and his penis fills my mouth. He also thrusts in and out with his pelvis. I have never had the pleasure of having oral with another woman but I believe it would be awesome - something I have always wanted to try.
luvmy2babiesmuch replied to An_212766's response:
My DH is fantastic at oral, and he has always insited on giving oral 9 1/2 times out of 10 that we have sex, If he gets oral, great, but he loves giving it, and YES, he is very skilled and talented in that area. I do not like sitting in his face very much, do not like 69 very well, cause I can't concentrate- and in that position, i really don't like my ass right in his nose,, IDK, just not my favorite position. Our most popular, is me being on the edge of the bed, while he stands on the floor, w/ my legs over his shoulders... he uses lots of giant fingers and toys while doing this.. he's VERY into giving foreplay! he says thats the most fun part of sex.. i agree,,
as for women, the thought of a women grosses me out, but I agree w/ other posters, having the parts doesn't mean that you know what to do with them! enjoy!!

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