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bleeding after anal sex
An_212804 posted:
I had anal sex with a man a little more than 2 weeks ago, and ever since I have been noticing blood when I have a bowel movement. I figured this was probably pretty normal after the first time, but it has been going on for more than 2 weeks now, and I was just wondering how long I can expect the bleeding to continue.
Acacia0 responded:
I honestly don't think it's supposed to happen at all? It didn't for me at least, and I haven't heard of it happening, you should really see a doctor.
An_212805 replied to Acacia0's response:
Well the thing is that he didn't use any lube.
Elle0317 replied to An_212805's response:
Go to the hospital ASAP. You are NOT supposed to bleed, even with your first time anal sex and especially for 2 weeks after. Next time (if there is one) USE lube and LOTS of it!
An_212806 replied to Elle0317's response:
What type of doctor should I go to? I don't want this showing up on my parents' insurance forms.
Elle0317 replied to An_212806's response:
I said go to the hospital. Tell them the problem and they will locate the proper Dr for you. I think most hospitals in the US take cash?? so no need for insurance info, therefore your parents will not know. Tell the young man responsible for the damage to help you with the bill and to smarten up next time!
isabellin responded:
all this ppl scaring you of yeah you dont suppose to bleed, but like you said it bleeds when you have a bowel movement so probably u got cut or u had hemorrhoids already and when you have a bowel movement they open and you bleed if its a little bit of blood i dont think you have to worry, but if its a lot then yeah youhave to go you can go to any family doctor and just tell them what happen, if you go to a hospital they will charge you A LOT of money...

An_212807 responded:
Anytime you have blood in your urine or your feces that is a signal to get checked out!! It is important! 2 weeks is long enough, go get checked. You can find a health dept. and bring some cash. You don't have to turn over ins. info, but on the other hand, if that is your only option it's not like there are going to be detailed info of your conversation. It will be charges for office visit and any tests run. In the big picture you don't need to tell your parents about your rendevous just that you have blood in your stools (in need be). Sorry, I don't mean to advicate lying here but i believe it's more important that you get checked out. Oh, and DON'T lie to the doctor -- they need to know what's happening.
babyblue72 replied to An_212807's response:
I agree you need to be checked, 2 weeks is too long
Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH responded:
You can go to an internist (general practitioner) or a gynecologist. If you are concerned about money, consider going to a Planned Parenthood as they often have sliding scale/affordable payment options (ask about this). But yes, you do need to get checked out. It is not normal to bleed for 2 weeks following anal sex. You may have experienced anal or rectal tearing, or other problems. If you try anal sex again in the future, consider using a lot of water-based lubricant, going slowly, and stopping if you experience any pain at all. See the anal health & pleasure chapter in my book, Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure & Satisfaction, for more information.
triplethreat10 replied to Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH's response:
I am going to have anal sex for the first time...i am a male and wondering how far in he should go?
luvmy2babiesmuch replied to triplethreat10's response:
is it just a tiny smear of blood? if so, it's prob just a tiny tear, fissure in the anus. I have always had anal sex, and many, many times not used any lube, and DH is very well endowed.. i've never bled,,, except after the birth of baby, when my little hemorhoid was there, and had had alot of pressure from pregnancy, labor, etc.. I sure wouldn't want parents to know, but you can't delay getting this checked.
As for triplethreats post-- i'm a petite female, with a DH with a huge penis, and he goes in all of the way, actually hurting less when anally than in the vagina and killing my cervex. BUT anal sex takes time,,, maybe a finger first, then lube, and slow action til it goes in all teh way.. you work up to full thrust..
triplethreat10 replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response: wife has slowly used her finger but not all the way. I am going to try it with a guy then with her..she has been wanting to but i haven't been able to
triplethreat10 replied to isabellin's response:
Thank you honey!!
triplethreat10 replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:

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