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    What is the hottest way for a woman to initiate sex?
    Summer2682 posted:
    I have always been in the position where my partner intiates sex. Well I'm in a position currently where I want it nights he isn't even thinking about it and I just want to spice things up a little. What's the hottest way for a woman to initiate sex with a man?
    GuardSquealer responded:
    I have always wanted to be woken up recieving oral. Or maybe a long tee shirt and no panties and bend over in front of him. That would be enticing.
    An_212814 responded:
    When you wake up in the middle of the night and want sex, spread your legs wide with one slung over the top of one of his legs. Take his hand and place it on your mound. Use your hand to spread your lips and place his hand on your clit gently moving his fingers around on it. He should get the idea! I also like the idea from GuardSquealer to wake him up by giving him a bj. Good luck and report back with your results!
    luvmy2babiesmuch replied to An_212814's response:
    I don't think there is 1 way, or one better than the next. I think any women wanting and initiating it from their BF or husband will turn him on, and send him over the edge.. you have 7 nights a week, so can try a different one every night,, he'll likey!!
    An_212815 responded:
    I think one of the hottest ways to initiate sex, is to put on a pair of nice high heel knee high boots, a tiny little skirt with no panties on and a tight little shirt that let your breasts hang out completely, nipples and everything.................and without saying a word, just start giving him a long, sensual, whining or complaining. Take his shoes off, his socks off, pull his pants and underwear down, unbutton his shirt, take his hand and walk him to a chair or the bed. Then start licking his balls one by one, then suck each one by one, then put them both in your mouth, and continue sucking while touching his chest. Move up to his penis and work your magic. Then climb aboard for the ride , I did that last night.
    An_212816 replied to An_212815's response:
    An_212817 replied to An_212815's response:
    lmao! yeah tmi. You could write erotic stories though lol
    blake_valentine replied to An_212815's response:
    TLI. Don't mess with 22281...she's one of my Top 5 posters. Keep cranking out that prose. And I don't agree it was TMI; it is certainly on topic and thought provoking....
    isabellin replied to An_212815's response:
    An_212818 replied to blake_valentine's response:
    ur a dude ofcourse you like it lol I mean I probably would to if I was at home in bed with my s.o. reading a erotic book lol but come on there are ways to censor some stuff lol it really is tmi
    isabellin replied to blake_valentine's response:
    tmi really
    An_212819 replied to blake_valentine's response:
    Thank you Blake_Valentine for your support, that was really sweet of you.

    So how about you? What do you think is the hottest or one of the hottest ways for a woman to initiate sex? It's always great to hear a man's opinion on this. See you later .
    Query_Ritvik responded:
    Hi Summer2682,
    The art of making love isn't all about speaking, you can start up by simply following way.
    when he is near, see him quietly then slowly bring your finger over his lips and then slowly try to insert it into his mouth, now take your finger out and slowly insert ininto your mouth. Then trace your finger down from face to neck and intiate do not try to remove shirt, don't forget to roll finger over his nipple and judge if it is tight but not let him know your are scanning him. He would be slowly heated up.........then cheers
    dfromspencer responded:
    Well, speaking only for myself, I would have to say, if you came walking into the room I am in, wearing only a sexy/teeny pair of panties, I would absolutely go crazy!!! Of course you will also have to have that come get me look in your eyes, and smile!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

    queston responded:
    Let me count the ways...but one of the things I really like is anticipation. My ideal way for my wife to initiate with start with maybe a few texts over the course of the day. Not necessarily x-rated, just letting me know that romance is on her radar.

    Then, when I got home, the kiss would be a little longer and more passionate than usual. Maybe she'd brush up against me "accidentally" a few times, and so on.

    If we watched TV in the evening, she'd snuggle up close to me and touch me frequently--again, not necessarily sexually, but just keeping the fire going.

    The last piece would be that she'd be in the bedroom waiting for me when the time had finally come, wearing something sexy. (Don't forget that guys tend to be very visual.) Or better yet, she'd come get me (wearing something sexy) and invite me into the bedroom.

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