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Can spending to much time with your partner hurt your sex drive?
bacha1518 posted:
My husband and i have been together for over 3 years but have only been married for a 1 1/2. Unfortunately lately my sex drive has been on the low side and it is causing problems. In our 3 years together we have only ever spent 24 hours (max) at a time apart. other than going to work for a few hours a day we are constantly together and i don't know if that could be contributing to the lack of desire; since i am getting attention from him in other ways.
georgiagail responded:
It sure would with me. I'm a firm believer in "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

3point14 responded:
Do you fear that you're getting bored of him, or do you feel annoyed by the fact that he's always around?

Personally, I think distance is a great aphrodisiac. Having new things to talk about, new things to teach or learn from your significant other, keeps the relationship more fresh, and novelty can definitely play a role in arousal.

If I were you, I would maybe spend a day or two with family/friends. Take a tiny break from one another and then have wonderful "I missed you!" sex. :)
An_212824 responded:
I think a little absence makes the heart grow fonder if its just a little. My so used to work out of town alot he was out of town every week for 4 days sometimes every other week and it seemed like in those 4 days he was gone we got into a routine then he would come home and it would be another routine which I hated I couldnt ever get used to one thing. Also we fought more than we ever have when he was gone all the time. Maybe you just need some girls nights out or a day spent with family :)
Mensch59 responded:
Why not volunteer for a charitable group, civic organization, political candidate or perhaps a study group at your place of worship? An evening or so per week may be all you need to enhance your marriage and provide growth in YOUR life.
Doing things as individuals helps you as a couple. It's really not about the cliche' of absence making the heart fonder IMHO.
luvmy2babiesmuch replied to Mensch59's response:
i think we are ALL so different. personally, it would not make me loose anything for my DH, i love being with him, looking at him when he doesn't know it, working w/ him, etc.. we've been together 20 years, and i still find him SO super sexy, that is me and my personal feelings- it might affect him in teh way taht you are talking about IDK,,
I think that since you posed this question- you may feel that it's one reason that your libido has decreased somewhat.. maybe a night out w/ girls or a weekend away would spark you from time to time, good luck!!
FCL responded:
I don't think that the amount of time (per se) together is important. What IS important is to have your own interests, be your own people and NOT be dependent on the other. It is also very important to work on making your relationship exciting. Without that then yes, a relationship can very quickly go stale.

Three years is a very short time to get bored with the love of your life. Trust me on that...

Are you on BC and, if so, when did you start?
MirandalovesCalen replied to FCL's response:
I agree.
bacha1518 replied to FCL's response:
yes i am on bc i had been on it b4 when we 1st got together. then when we got married i went off of it for a while but decided to go back on it because of my really bad periods. i know that bc can lower ur sex drive but i dont remember feeling this way b4. thankfully we have been getting better at spending some time apart to help
bacha1518 replied to 3point14's response:
i kno im not getting bored of is more of the fact that he is jus always there...we have been spending some more time apart and it has been jus felt for a while that he was smothering me n i kno he felt the same because he has said so...thankfully he has said its not like it was n i agree

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