Him eating out my butthole
MinxieMurder posted:
My boyfriend has this weird fetish with girls asses. We have been wanting to try anal sex for a while and I was wondering if him eating out my butthole would actually help with anal?
Mensch59 responded:
why not have anal fun by having him assist in the necessary fleet enema before anal play. That will make you properly clensed and he will have fun putting in something that is DESIGNED to go there. After that, who knows what y'all will do?
I don't do anal at all nor have any interest, but I have read a thing or two.
An_213602 responded:
by him eating out ur butthole does not help with anal sex ..i think it is something that he likes to do..had my x lick mi9nes and it felt great but i can never lick no girls butthole no matter how fine or who she is ..i will be more than happy to screw her in the butthole..i think it is too nasty but some guys love it..
An_213603 responded:
You'll have a different sensation when he licks your ass hole. You can orgasm, if you like it. My lady loves it, says it's a whole different feeling. I do too. For anal, start with the finger, and there's small dildo's out there you can buy as well. Use LOTS of lube, and go slow. Adam & Eve sells a tapered, straight, smooth vibrator that's great for this. When he eats your ass, it'll relax you. You can do it if you want to,,,, First thing, clean, clean, clean before you start,,,
brooker51 replied to An_213603's response:
Licking and eating out my wife's butthole is the absolute best feeling in the world for both me and her. I love tasting her butthole and inserting my tongue in it!