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Anal discharge after sex?
KavuSungura posted:
My boyfriend and I had sex twice today. We used a condom both times, like always, but when he finished, he withdrawed and removed the condom, and I checked to see if it stayed in tact and not dripping, and it was fine. However, I noticed a thick white fluid down there and panicked, because I'm not usually very lubricated and definitely wasn't from my vagina. I'm pretty sure it wasn't his though, it's smell and consistency was somewhat different. I'm almost certain it came from my anus. There was a lot of it, and it happened both times- but there wasn't quite as much the second time. I've noticed this fluid before, it happens a lot when I use the bathroom. Did he hit something inside of me to cause it to come out or...?
I'm really freaked out.

Sorry to be explicit.
elle0317 responded:
Never had that happen to me, to be on the safe side I would make an Appt with your health provider to have this looked at. Liquid should not be coming from your anus, esp a thick white fluid if you are not having anal sex.
KavuSungura replied to elle0317's response:
Thank you for the advice, I'll see a doctor if it doesn't get any better, and I plan to abstain from sex until then.
Perhaps it could be a yeast infection that got transmitted to that area? There would probably be more itching though. I don't know.
LeeLou25 responded:
I have heard anal sex can lead to anal leakage. I always thought that meant feces but maybe its the white stuff your talking about. Your bottom is not made for sex. I would definetly see a doctor.
elle0317 replied to LeeLou25's response:
Leelou25, she never said she had anal sex. And you heard wrong.
KavuSungura responded:
Yeah, I've never had anal sex so it's not that.
An_213809 responded:
Hmmmmm, I think you should keep an eye on this fluid and observe the consistency of it, what did you eat that day, how often you get it, etc..... all the specifications a doctor will want to know...... and make an appointment ASAP just to be on the safe side. I would also put a hold on anal sex until you figure this out.
elle0317 replied to An_213809's response:
She's never had anal sex. She clarified that 2 posts up.
An_213810 replied to elle0317's response:
if anything it was just her juices and the lub that comes with the condom thicken dripping down to anus area
elle0317 replied to An_213810's response:
that would have been my first thought if she hadn't stated that the juices 'definately did not come from her vagina'.
KavuSungura replied to elle0317's response:
I don't get very erm, moist, down there to begin with. It definitely came from the anus area. I don't normally see it when I wipe- only occasionally will a bit of thick fluid sort of hang there before(sorry to gross) I wipe. The last time I saw it was as mentioned above, and that's why I was concerned. It felt like he had pushed on something inside me that cause it to come out- he's never really gone that far up before, so that might be it, I'm just trying to figure out what it was and why.
WenWat replied to KavuSungura's response:
I read that people with tape worms have that problem. Apparently the tape worms get mashed up near the anus and it's their guts that pour out as a thick white liquid. That's probably what is happening with you.
An_213811 replied to elle0317's response:
I said put a hold on anal sex............ we don't know if she has any intentions of having anal sex............. no where did I say stop having anal sex. Read carefully before jumping to conclusions.
An_213812 replied to WenWat's response:
Oh my.......... really? She should definitely look into that if that's a possibility.
An_213813 replied to KavuSungura's response:
Hi there Kavu, you don't have to feel shy about asking any questions here. Here we can talk about and ask all the questions we could or would never do face to face with anyone......... well, not me at least! So ask away . And the details help immensely with getting more accurate responses. Take care.

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