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Can stress or being sick cause a menstrual cycle to be off?
An_213915 posted:
I just started back to school and also just got over a sinus infection. I have slightly irregular cycles and was wondering if this would increase the cycle to be more off.

Anyone else ever experience something like this
Elle0317 responded:
I've experienced late periods because of stress.
FCL responded:
Stress can delay or ovulation which in turn delays your period.
anon_123 responded:
Is there any chance you could be pregnant?

but yes, stress has caused my period to be late a few times. Change of eating habits could as well.
back in my college days, i would even notice that my period would change to the same week as my friends when i would be at school, but when i would be at home, it would be the same as my sisters.
An_213916 replied to anon_123's response:
i thought that but i took 2 tests and they both were negative.

i tend to be very hard on myself when it comes to work and school. i get stressed out easily at times and then i start to worry alot.

i also work weekends only on the graveyard shift and don't get off work til 8am so the whole eating and sleeping schedule is also off. i go home on monday mornings and sleep for about and hour and half before getting up for class since i have a noon classes 4 days a week for 2 hrs a day.
FCL responded:
It my also be that you just simply didn't ovulate this month. It happens to just about every woman at least once during their reproductive years :) It has happened to me roughly 4 times.
Cat78fish replied to FCL's response:
Hey FCL, do you know what I always thought was strange...During the year that I was breastfeeding our daughter, I never had a period but just as soon as I quite breastfeeding altogether, my periods came back regular as clockwork. I wasn't on the pill either while I was breastfeeding--I just didn't have a period. Can it be that some women don't ovulate while they are breastfeeding? I always wondered about that.
georgiagail replied to Cat78fish's response:
It would not be unusual that ovulation (and thus menstruation) would be suppressed while a woman is breastfeeding. I never had one during the two times I was "fully" breastfeeding my sons (i.e., they had not yet been started on other foods).

However, breastfeeding alone is not considered to be an effective birth control agent.

FCL replied to Cat78fish's response:
The same hormones that make you produce milk are also responsible for suppressing ovulation so it's pretty typical ... Few women ovulate when they are exclusively breast-feeding (especially during the first six months - it has to do with frequency of nursing...) And no ovulation generally means no eriod. It's the body's way of ensuring that babies are not conceived one immediately after the other. However, as we know that ovulation precedes menstruation it's possible to get pregnant before having your first period after giving birth. There are some interesting studies on the subject out there concerning the number of times you need to nurse to suppress ovulation, etc.
tlkittycat1968 replied to FCL's response:
My SIL got pregnant without having her first post-partum period after the birth of her daughter. She hadn't had a period since December 2006 between pregnancy and full-time nursing. She had her daughter September 2007 and her son June 2009 with no period between her daughter and son.
FCL replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Proof that ovulation precedes menstruation :)
anon_123 replied to Cat78fish's response:
I think it is fairly common to not get your period for awhile while breastfeeding. I know it was true for both of my sisters and their friends.
One of my sister's friends was breast feeding and hadn't gotten her period so her and her husband hadn't used any form of birth control because they figured she couldn't get pregnant with no period. WRONG! Surprise baby number 2 less than a year later! They have their hands full now.

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