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how do you get a friable cervix? can i get rid of it?
An_213930 posted:
have had the same partner for several years.....he has burnt me in the past....but now i have this what do i do
fcl responded:
A fraible cervix is often the result of STD (including HPV) infection. It doesn't matter if you've been with him for several years - this may have come from someone in your past, in his past, ... you cannot tell unless you both were fully tested for STDs before you had sex with one another. Some STDs are notoriously symptom free (like chlamydia, for instance).

Did the doctor who diagnosed your cervix give you any information on the subject? Did s/he offer tests to find out what caused it? You need to go back and see your doctor to find out the cause and to ask what treatments are available (cryotherapy, for example).
ltbrwnpyt34 replied to fcl's response:
he told me not to worry about it.....i didn't have a STD.........i had BV(that's what he gave me)....i didn't get this until I got with can i cure it? i don't want to develop runs in my family
i get an annual every doctor didn't give me anything for it he said it's ok

no, your questions, thank you
fcl replied to ltbrwnpyt34's response:
OK, so there were no tests done ... He just told you not to worry about it ... If I were you, I'd be looking for another doctor, after all, you don't pay your doc to tell you to just not think about what's wrong, pat you on the head and say it's OK, do you? Get a second opinion.
Karen Luster, MD responded:
Friable cervix just means that there were signs of irritation such as easy spotting and peeling away of the layer of the cervix when performing a pap. The test done with the Pap smear called a wet prep can quickly diagnose bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV can cause a friable cervix as well as other infections. The wet prep exam is just simply looking at the vaginal secretions. It is used to diagnose yeast infections, and trichomoniasis and cervicitis cause by gonorrhea and chlamydia. There are other tests that can be done with the vaginal secretions that can be done to confirm a diagnosis of gonorrhea and chlamydia. All of this testing tends to be done at the same time of the Pap smear.
angelprotected replied to Karen Luster, MD's response:
Can tree oil suppositories be used to help cure friable cervix? I was diagnosed with it as well, and 2 doctors told me not worry because no other problems showed up from my pap. By it's an embarrassing problem that I'd like to cure naturally. If tea tree oil can be used then should I expect to see lite spotting during the healing process? Thanks so much for any assistance you can provide. (I've already purchased tea tree oil suppositories that contain tea tree oil and vegetable oil)

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