Torn Frenular Artery of Penis
goingto posted:
I tore my frenular artery during sex. It bled initially but stopped after a while. The frenulum itself seems to be unaffected. There is currently no pain, but when I attempt to retract the foreskin to apply some antibiotic cream, there is re-bleeding. Would you suggest going to a doctor for getting this checked out/stitched? Can there be any long term complications as a result of allowing this to heal without stitches?
Elisabeth1234 responded:
Well, I have to admit, I don't have any experience in this area. However, I would absolutely suggest going to the doctor! I don't know if there can be any long term complications, but I think your penis is probably worth at least a call to your doctor's office. Let them know what's happened and that there is still bleeding. They will be your best source of info. Good luck!
merleyns responded:
Go see a doctor. You don't want to neglect something down there and hope it will go away. Go see them, the sooner the better. I don't think you should get advice from a forum and follow it because someone needs to look at the damage done before giving you a remedy.