Partner can't ejuculate
An_214056 posted:
My very sexual active partner can never finish and ejuculate, He has no problem getting and staying hard but just can't finish. Any suggestions to help him finish?
queston responded:
This problem seems to be most common among men who masturbate a lot. If that's the case, he should try not masturbating at all for a period of time and see if that has an effect.

Also, is he on any meds? How old is he? Has he always had this problem?
Floridajewels replied to queston's response:
No meds, he is 47 and has had this problem for a very long time - doctor says there isn't anything medically wrong with him.
anon_123 replied to Floridajewels's response:
what about the masterbating? does he do it frequently?
if he does do it, can he get off from this?
ontbear responded:
Anon I think you need to do some thing for him and masturate him and see if that works...... have him do it for you as a game or both at a time. Get him to be more at ease about "finishing - ejuclating"