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Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend inserted his finger in my vaging possibly with semen on his finger
An_214207 posted:
First off let me just say "I don't have a lot of sexual experience." My boyfriend and I were fooling around and he inserted his finger into my vagina possibly with some or a minute amount of semen on it. The reason I said "possibly" is because there was pre cum and I didn't check to see if he touched himself before he fingered me. So basically I am freaking out because I don't know if it is possible to impregnate someone if lets say you finger the person and there is a small amount of sperm on the finger.
An_214208 responded:
No, or I would be the father to many , many children..........your safe, plus the pre cum is not what will get you pregnant
sarahogan responded:
Plus, even if there was a tiny tiny amount of sperm in his precum, sperm does not live that long when exposed to air. Also, if he urinated since the last time he ejaculated, most, if not all, of the sperm in his precum would be dead.
So, the chance of you being pregnant from that are nil. It would be more likely if he had ejaculated all over his hands, and then immediately began fingering you without wiping his hands.
So to answer your question, technically, yes, it is possible to become pregnant if there is sperm on the finger and it is inserted into or near the vagina, but the chances are very very very slim and in your particular situation, almost impossible.

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