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    top sexual fantasy
    bomshelll posted:
    Hi I am new here just looking for a place to ask some questions looks like a good spot. I am a 30 year old woman married for 5 years trying to get some ideas. I am hopeing some men will answer. I am wondering what are some or at least one of your fantasys that you would love to do with your wife? My husband is not a very open person about sex like me. I have asked him what his are and I just cant quite get anything out of him except for a couple. So what are some things some of you married men would love your wife to do?
    queston responded:
    Here are some of mine...

    • Sex in my office
    • Wife is very aggressive, i.e. sits on my face and demands "lick my pussy" or some such thing
    • I love anticipation. I love FCL's story about handing her man her panties under the table at the restaurant. That would send me into orbit.
    • More anticipation: I would love it if my wife called or texted me during the day telling me (in detail) what she plans to do to me when I get home, how she's arranged for the kids to all be somewhere else, etc.
    bomshelll replied to queston's response:
    The aggressive thing hmmm I like alot and could definetly do but I just wonder what he would think. Do you think thats a pretty commone fantasy for men and could it possibly turn him off? I am pretty aggressive when it comes to sex the only time I really am. The panty thing I havent tried but I do the I am not wearing any panties I do the texting bit also. I have tried public sex he is a no go .
    fuzzyguy responded:
    I woulld love it if my wife would call me and start telling me abut the sexual experience that she has planned for some undefined date...suspence....there is a plan and I have no idea when it is going to happpen...but it IS going to happen and she is in control! Lots of hints and suggestions over a period of time...the anticipation builds....This would be for a special occasion..a birthday...anniversary.....or just BECAUSE!

    My wife has never given me oral...that would be fantastic thing to add to the event.

    So what is it that would be a major pleasant action in your love-making for your husband? Something that he would love but is not happening? The prize of fthe event. Drop it on him the very end of the enticing messages. Have a GREAT time!
    An_214213 responded:
    like it when i am at work and my wife calls and tells me she had just played with herself. or sometimes she will call me while she is so i can hear her cum. also sending sex messages through text about what she wants to do with me. or she will tell me stories about fantasizing about getting double teamed by 2 strange men. also she will send me video from her phone of her playing with herself. anything like that is always great.
    An_214214 responded:
    One thing is while were driving somewhere she will let me play with her until sh ecums, then she will come over and proceed to take care of me orally. We have also texted each other masturbating or playing with ourselves, pretty soon she is taking off from work so we can really get at it. And finally we have made our own movie, That really turns us on.
    fuzzyguy replied to An_214214's response:
    OK, I'm jealous!
    Sounds fantastic!
    An_214215 responded:
    On a long drive, my girl friend decided to help me stay awake with a hand job while driving. Focused on driving, then breathing harder and harder, same down below, finally came, shooting almost to the windshield. She was so proud of herself. Incredible orgasm.
    beroni replied to An_214215's response:
    first time my wife ever made me cum with a hand job was on a road trip also. same situation of trying to keep me up, i had cum orally and through sex and with my own hand before but never with her hands only and while driving. intense orgasm and its often a fantasy i masturbate to.
    oldmanknees responded:
    I would love for my wife to invite me out to diner. During diner she would inform me that we had a special event to go to. That special event would be a stay at a motel. She would make me go in and register (she would have already made a reservation). The anticipation of knowing what was coming would be intense. I would have to carring in the bag she had packed. Once inside the room she would order me to strip (which has always been a turn on). She would then keep me naked for the weekend, while I performed sex acts on her. She would not allow me to have any sexual release until right before we left the motel.
    firefighter38111 responded:
    my wife in control thing. we already do some of that.i wear her panties on occasions but wish she would even be more dominant in bed....
    An_214216 replied to firefighter38111's response:
    oh man i love wearing my wives panties to. especially if she wore them all day. they have her scent on them. makes me hard just thinkin of it.
    firefighter38111 replied to An_214216's response:
    think there are a lot of us guys that do that..they beat the hell out of those heavy cotton boxers or briefs. does your wife know? if not tell her if it isnt too risky.
    its not much as a sexual thing at night except wearing some pink panties for her
    i actually wear panties most of the time. all cotton and Hanes. they are light weight and comfortable . white boyshorts are hard to tell in todays time underneath jeans or scrubs. so i dont have that sexual arouse from them during the day but at night my wife and role play and OH ! My!
    An_214217 replied to firefighter38111's response:
    she knows especially when i wear her used ones. i'm not sayin i am hard all day if i wear them. but the thought of her pullin down my pants and seeing me in her panties is hot. you say role play, do you mean like she is the man and you the women type of thing? sounds great. you should give more details.
    firefighter38111 replied to An_214217's response:
    No its more of a female to female role playing. I love being her g/f and I can be her b*tch. I have such a dominant personality and job descriptions out of bed. I am very passive 90% of the time in bed. I even at times give her baths, shave her personal area, blow dry her hair and wear some sexy lacy pink panties for her. I love it. We have tried her role playing a guy some so we have some equality in bed but neither of us like anal so we usually stay with female to female. Its gets even funny t times because she will call me Lisa and get on top but not for intercourse. She prefers to use it to rub against her clitoris, she will raise her hips, and I will rub it against her clitoris roughly. My wife is a squirter and soaks me and the bed so its hard for me to complain. It isn't one sided I get my pleasure also at the end
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