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    The "P" word.....OK with you?
    LoveMyGuy posted:
    Okay I've had another fun night and stirred up some very interesting discussions and opinions (apologizing profusely for being somewhat of a "board hog" too), but I wanted to lighten things up a bit and ask about something I suppose falling in the realm of "personal" and/or "political correctness" (a laughable term to me).

    Okay, it's the "P" word, as in pussy cat only without the cat part. At 50-late-something, it's a word that used to send chills down my spine. I hated to hear it and thought it was boorish and almost filthy to use. But, as I got older and started having really good sex and interesting sexual conversations with both other women and men, the use of the word became alot easier and started to seem relevant when talking about one's female parts in their entirety. So much so, I find, that now my guy and I casually and without any gritting of the teeth, use the word as easily and as matter-of-factly as if talking about the weather.

    I have always struggled with referring to my nether regions as my "vagina" because it's just such a clinical and sterile term, and in all contexts refers only to "the hole down there" and not the entire kit, so to speak. And while "vulva" is a more general l term better suited to pointing at the whole thing, well, it still sounds more like a German car than something feminine. No, to me, the word "pussy" describes our parts better than anything I have ever found myself saying in conversation. It even sounds sort of fun in its own way.

    Outside of our houses, Stephan and I are still more "PC", than that, but I am being totally serious when I ask if there are many others who use the term "pussy" as a simple and acceptable description of the female sex parts...he and I use it without hesitation and without feeling the least derogatory. It simpy rolls off our tongues and seems to truly get the job done in clarity of purpose. I even stuck my neck out a little and used it on this board in a reply of mine...

    Do YOU use this term as an acceptable description too? Time was when I would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap for saying it, now, it seems just like the best word to use and totally not "dirty" (perhaps like the four-lettered "C" word for the same parts which is uttered only in sweaty naughty sexual abandon by either of us).

    How bout it, people? Is "pussy" a dirty word anymore, or can we use it freely in adult conversations without shame or guilt? I've heard it used by men and woman alike in that very casual way, and personally I think it's a totally OK word to call my "hoo-hah"...

    Oh and yes, we use the term "cock" in the same generic way, it's so much more fun and human sounding than "penis", isn't it?

    tx2010 responded:
    i think we can use's kinda up to the individual but using the word "pussy and cock" sounds so sexy to me! If we are all adults then it should be fun to talk to our partners like that..
    LoveMyGuy replied to tx2010's response:
    Thanks, TX! That's ONE, come on people! This is just for fun really, but we CAN'T be the ONLY ones, can we? I'm just as curious how many think the P word is nasty and disgusting, too! Give it up!

    Foreverinyoureyes2 responded:

    My first husband was not an inately respectful individual. Particularly towards women. As a matter of fact, he was sort of a "woman-hater". Therefore when he used the "P" word, it came out sounding degrading and somewhat hostile. He was terribly vulgur, and I grew to loathe his use of all of the words associated with sex. As a result, sex itself became a demeaning and humiliating type of an activity with him.

    Now with my current husband, he is so gentle, kind and affectionate, that his use of sexually graphic words is erotic and hot.

    Now, I still think that peppering your regular conversation with this type of language is ill-advised. Primarily because there is a time and a place for discussions of this nature. But I guess, if you know someone well enough to be discussing matters related to your "pussy" then it's likely that it is ok to use the slang.

    I probably wouldn't say, "I am visiting the gynocologist to have my pussy looked at tomorrow, Grandma."

    On a side note, I do not like the phrase "Va-jay-jay." Not because I find it vulgar or offensive. I think it sounds silly...I don't use that one.
    SunConure responded:
    I totally don't mind if you guys use the word on here, I'm just not comfortable with using it myself. At home we don't use those words anyway, mainly because we have a 3 month old in the house now and that feels weird to us to talk like that around her even if she doesn't understand. We now since the baby has been born, reserve that talk for the bedroom and that inculdes anything about sex. We usually say penis when talking about it and in place of "pussy" we use hoo-hah or va-jay-jay. I'm not offened by the words so I don't mind what you guys call them :)
    LoveMyGuy replied to Foreverinyoureyes2's response:
    ;) ;)

    LOL I can't even imagine telling Grandma that "I'm going to the gynecologist tomorrow...." period! Maybe "Grandma I have a doctors appointment tomorrow" and she can fill in the blanks in her own way..:)

    And Forever, I am in total agreement with you regarding peppering regular conversation with these kinds of words being completely inappropriate. I mean, after all, I wouldn't ever talk to the postman or the grocery store checkout clerk about my "pussy" anyway, and talking about sex at a family reunion or church function is a tad on the boorish side.
    It's obvious that I'm pretty outspoken about all things sexual in the right place and the right time, such as forums like this one, my guy's and my private conversations, and even when us girls get together and the subject inevitably eventually gets around to sex.

    But I still occasionally have a chuckle at myself over the ease that has come over me in using words like cock and pussy in serious conversations. I suppose it's because they're so clearly unmistakable in meaning. "Vagina" reminds me of doctor appointments and still only refer to one specific part of my anatomy, and no kidding I just right here heard (well, read) va-jay-jay for the very first time (I guess I'm really out of touch lol). But when Stephan pats my butt and I say "sounds great but I want to go shave my pussy first" he knows exactly what I mean and it doesn't make me flinch to say it in the least.

    I get a kick out of one girlfriend of mine who over coffee uses the terms pussy and cock, but every single time breaks her conversational cadence with a pause, wrinkles her nose up, and half-whispers it in a baby-talk fashion. I always wonder how it is that she can't just "say it", y'know?

    An_214486 responded:

    You are a totally HOT! mature woman. :p
    ( And your guy is large - gulp )

    But, I digress ...

    The Volvo originated in Sweden, not Germany,
    with the company beginning April 14, 1927.
    Unfortunately, the company has suffered hard times.
    Presumable, it is still designed in Sweden.
    But is Chinese owned,
    built in Belgium,
    using an engine from Great Britain,
    and a transmission from Japan.
    Guess it's really a World Car.

    But, I further digress ...

    When my Ex was "in the mood",
    she suggested I enjoy a "warm, snuggy place".
    The phrase should be acceptable in most situations,
    although could be awkward if an explanation was requested.

    Using "pussy" to identify a part (wonderful-IMHO) of the female anatomy is risky. Best to reserve it for the company of people who know you well so as not to risk unintended meaning.

    BTW, while most people would object to the use of "c**t",
    in actuality it is likely an English derivative from German for female genitalia.

    In college, a writer for the school newspaper went off on a rant about using "chick" for girls. She was so over-the-top that I had to respond. I said that if you opened the dictionary you could find negative meanings for a lot of words. I asked what she would call male acquaintances? For example, one meaning for "guy" is "a grotesquely dressed person" and one meaning for the word "fellow" is "a person of small worth or no esteem".


    bob249 replied to An_214486's response:
    My handle is Bob249

    Apparently, the word filter didn't like me spelling out the "c**t" word because IT assigned Anon_6023.
    LoveMyGuy replied to An_214486's response:
    Oh my, thank you Bob (Lisa bats eyes and blushes) Sometimes I think I'm just OLD, though...not necessarily mature but I DO appreciate the "hot" part none the less lol:)

    Yeah, I wondered about whether Volvo was actually German, but on my salary I'll never actually know much about them other than what people tell me :)

    It IS fascinating what the dictionary sometimes reveals about words and their origins. Most people know that "cop" actually originally was an acronym for "constable on patrol" but I never use it when one stops me for speeding :) (I usually adjust my bra to let a little more out and hike my skirt just a little as he's walking up....tears work on occasion, too lol.

    This was the kind of lively discussion I hoped to spark with my post, Yes I agree we all should be careful about how we say things, and I'm still surprised at myself how easily "pussy" comes out for me these days.

    Love to hang around and chat more with you, Bob, but Stepan's coming over for some fun and I have to go shave my Volvo...(giggle)

    Mensch59 replied to LoveMyGuy's response:
    Some people substitute "kitty cat" for pussy to be less vulgar. Same thing I thought
    Cock sounds rather F---. Something about too many "K' s in a word.
    "Peter", "tool" and "dick" are fine, but most men have a name for theirs, so just use that.
    tx2010 replied to Mensch59's response:
    I can live with that!!
    jss123 replied to Mensch59's response:
    Really like kitty cat. Must remember that ...

    My penis was called a "piece" once during sex.
    I don't know if thats very common.
    I liked that as I hadn't heard it before :-)

    Its also been called stick/gear stick too.
    The woman who called it that was really into cars
    and also called her vagina a gear box :-)
    CYNIC84 responded:
    Lisa,I cannot imagine being in the heat of the moment and hearing my genitals being referred to as vagina or calling my man's a penis that's like cold water in my book call me crude but that's just me
    LoveMyGuy replied to CYNIC84's response:
    Hahaha me neither!! But now Stephan has started grinning and calling it my "Volvo" !! :) I guess I asked for it, didn't I? LOL

    Think I'm going to start calling his unit a Lamborg-weenie...

    Lisa :)
    An_214487 responded:
    my bf is very sensitive about using anywords indiactive of the womans anatomy. especially its functions or uses. i call it a cookie and when im on my period i have to say im on my "cycle". idk he is very uptight about how we discuss sex and other items.

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