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Very ergent!
An_214517 posted:

My boyfried and I have recently had sex, and although it was sexual intercourse from behind, I found myself bleeding after awhile from my vagina and from behind!

Does this mean that I lost my virginity and there is a possibilty that I will get pregnant eventhough the sexual intercourse only happened from behind?!

Really scared and nervous..Please help
georgiagail responded:
Are you trying to say you engaged in anal intercourse or in vaginal intercourse where you partner was behind you?

If anal intercourse, no; there is no risk of pregnancy from this event.

I do, however, find it strange that young women will often engage in all sort of sexual exercises (including anal intercourse) but proudly proclaim they are virgins because the penis has never managed to enter the vagina.

Shareefa replied to georgiagail's response:
No I mean anal..

I'm just really nervous because I don't want to get pregnant and it I'm worried..

I found it strange that I was bleeding from my vaginal area we he hadn't gone in there..

That's why i'm worried..
I don't mind not being a virgin..It's the pregnancy I'm worried about..

And thank you..
sarahogan replied to Shareefa's response:
No, you really can't get pregnant from anal sex, unless he happened to drip some semen directly into your vagina when he was pulling out, or if you were careless in your clean up and it dripped into the vaginal opening. In that case, yes you could get pregnant, although, it is unlikely.
As far as the bleeding from both, could it be that he stretched the anus and it just seems that it's coming from the vagina due to that. Also, if you are close enough to your period (like a day or 2 away), in some women (happens to me all the time), the contractions from the orgasm could cause you to bleed earlier than normal.
SunConure responded:
I actually read something today that said 8% of couples who have ONLY anal sex will get pregnant each year and that's from allowing his semen to drip from the anal opening into the vagina, so yes you can get pregant that way. Even though it might be a small chance if you don't want to get pregnant just take care not to let anything drip down there after sex! What you might do is have a towel handy for afterwards and before getting up just wipe off real quick.
Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH responded:
The anus/rectum and vagina are separated by tissue. Thus, anal intercourse does not cause vaginal bleeding. Perhaps you were beginning your period? Or you mistakenly thought the blood was coming from the vagina even though it was coming from the anus?

If you are certain that his penis stayed only in your anus/rectum and not inside your vagina, then you cannot get pregnant from that. However, I would encourage you to make sure that you are familiar enough with your body that you would be able to feel the difference.

Some young women mistakenly believe that if they have sex "from behind" (doggie style), that that is anal sex. However, anal sex involve penetration of the penis into the anus, which often is uncomfortable or painful (especially for beginners).

If you are certain that you only had anal sex, and that he did not ejaculate near your vagina or vaginal entrance, then you would not be able to become pregnant.

I would encourage you to become more familiar with your body, to insist that he use a condom for anal sex, and to use lubricant for anal sex - or to avoid sexual activity with him until you feel more comfortable and confident with the experience.
Shareefa replied to Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH's response:
Thank you vert much ..

Do I understand from what everyone is saying is that it isn't possible for me to loose my virginity and get pregnant from anal sex?

I am sure the bleeding I saw from my vagina was internal eventhough his penis did not go in that area..
sarahogan replied to Shareefa's response:
In my own personal opinion, I consider anyone who has been engaged in any type of sexual act, oral, anal, vaginal, is no longer a virgin. Technically speaking, a virgin is someone who is "pure" and "untouched" by any sexual performance. So, I would not consider you a virgin anymore. My own personal opinion here.
Getting pregnant from anal sex, like I mentioned before and mentioned in the doctor's post, is highly unlikely.
LoveMyLady replied to Shareefa's response:
Shareefa, you lost your virginity when his penis entered your body, period. It doesn't matter which orifice you chose. It's possible to get pregnant after anal sex, if when he pulled out semen ran into your vaginal opening. You still need to protect yourself from pregnancy even if you're just doing anal sex. One sperm is all it takes.

Hate to be so blunt, but I have a tough time with today's blurred definitions of "virginity". Sarahogan is exactly right.

Shareefa replied to LoveMyLady's response:
Yes I know what you two mean, but I was speaking in terms of the actual loss of virginity, because of the blood I saw coming out of my vagina, does that mean that my tissues in that area ( the vagina) have somehow popped because of anal sex? Or is that not possible?
jrap1978 replied to Shareefa's response:
losing your hymen or still having it does not indicate had sex...therefore,you are not a virgin.and if he was going pretty hard or at a weird anal,the pressure rubbing against it probably did break your hymen I would think.
jrap1978 replied to jrap1978's response:
i meant weird ANGLE, not sorry
LoveMyGuy replied to Shareefa's response:
I understand what you're asking, sweetie. It seems unusual that your hymen could be ruptured or torn by anal sex, but I suppose it's not impossible. If it was, you very likely had a thin or relatievely fragile hymen, and I suppose a large penis or a strange angle could stretch your vaginal tissues enough to cause some bleeding.

If the bleeding continues or gets worse, you should get to a doctor to be checked. If it's stopped, just be aware that you may bleed again from more anal sex, and it's possible with vaginal sex too. Hymens come in all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, some very fragile, others taking multiple penetrations to permanently heal.

Try to change your reference to your hymen being torn or ruptured to just that, and don't confuse rupturing it or not as "losing your virginty" The two often happen at the same time, but many true virgins have their hymens broken by just playing sports, horseback riding, or even tampon insertion. Losing your "cherry" didn't make you a non-virgin, the sex did.

Hope this helps, dear.

Shareefa replied to LoveMyGuy's response:
Thank you, it does help..

I just find it weird that my hymen would get torn because of anal sex, because -in my opinion- that would mean I had a thin or fragile hymen. And I am a person who played gymnastics and does ballet, so I would think my hymen would be broken by now if it was that fragile..

But it scares me that it might have broken because it means there is a possibility that I might get pregnant now...

I have an appointment today with a doctor..Pray for me..That it isn't anything like what I'm afraid of..

Thank you all very much..
georgiagail replied to Shareefa's response:
Shareefa; you need a refresher course in reproduction.

A torn hymen plays absolutely no role in increasing your risk of pregnancy. What increases the chances is if you have unprotected VAGINAL intercourse. You did not have this.

Hymens are typically quite thin; they are simply a membrane.


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