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An_214694 posted:
This is so awkward...and I can't believe I'm posting this on the internet but nevertheless, here I am. I'll make it brief. I am a woman in a very loving and committed relationship and I have never been able to orgasm from intercourse, or my partner's "doings" so to speak. I have to use a vibrator. I know that I can orgasm, it is possible, but it never comes from sex. I so wish I could during sex because it's frustrating that I can't and I want us both to enjoy it with out having to stop and break out my "friend" Any ideas or advice?
bob249 responded:
Lovemaking is a team sport ...

Since you can bring yourself to orgasms,

show your partner how you do it.

Sex can be an expression of love, an outlet for lust,
and FUN.

Also, ladies here have recommended reverse cowgirl.
That is, you are on top, facing his feet - and
you control the angle and speed.
SunConure responded:
Sometimes men need to be shown how to do it, every women is different so what gets you off may not work for anyone else! Show him how to make you orgasm and I mean tell him exactly what to do, how hard, how fast, where and how to do it. Trust me it may seem like a lesson at first but once he learns what turns you on and how to get you off during sex you'll both be much happier!!!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Up to 70% of women cannot orgasm via intercourse alone and need some sort of clitoral stimulation so you are not alone. There's nothing wrong with need help to get there. Maybe you could use your vibrator on your clitorus during intercourse. Can your guy bring you to orgasm via oral sex?
Birdie1313 responded:
i have the exact same problem. i can do it with a vibrator, but it never happens during sex. i feel like im broken, and he feels like hes not doing something right. i dont want to have to use a vibrator during sex... what can i do?
GuardSquealer replied to Birdie1313's response:
Well I have had to either use a vibrator or some other type of clitoral stimulation with all but one woman I have had sex with. Generally I would bring them to orgasm and then we would have intercourse. And all were very happy with that. I always made sure they were satisfied first.

My wife has had an orgasm during intercourse, but we purchased a vibrator that fit around the penis and it worked well. We don't use it often, but when we do, we both like it.

And the woman that could during intercourse could only do so when she was on top. And she would grind her groin against mine with a lot of intensity until she did. I am sure that she was putting a lot of pressue on her clit when she did so.
tmlmtlrl responded:
This is easier said than done, but it sounds like you need to stop thinking about it!!! If you could just completely relax and only focus on the pleasure you are receiving I think it would happen. Really tune in to your body. Like I said though -- easier said than done. Because even when you do that, then when you start to orgasm you'll start to think about it and possibly lose it.....practice makes perfect ;)
An_214695 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
He hasn't yet...close but no.
lirose29 replied to Birdie1313's response:
I've kind of just let my guard down and used it during sex. It helps to have a partner who is understanding and is not "weirded out" by putting another factor into the I am fortunate in that aspect. Once you use one during though, I think you will be SO much happier. Once i started using it with my boyfriend it made sex like nothing I"ve ever experienced, because I was able to let my walls down and enjoy it. Of course I would love to just orgasm via intercourse but that's why I'm here posting. My advice is invest in a good vibrator, talk with your guy and see if you guys can experiment. You're NOT broken, dont say that! If he wants you to be pleasured as much as you do (and trust me, he should!), then he shouldnt have a problem letting you use your vibrator. Does this help?
lirose29 replied to tmlmtlrl's response:
Haha practice makes perfect...that's pretty funny. Thanks for the advice, you're probably right about thinking too much...but I do try!
An_214696 replied to SunConure's response:
Thanks for the advice!

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