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Bleeding after Losing Virginity
An_214698 posted:
My boyfriend and I had sex two days ago (both virgins in our 20s) - It was painful for me, but we made sure to not go too far (only about halfway), fearing that it would hurt too much. [In terms of "size," I'm on the smaller/tighter side, and he's on the larger side.>

That first night, about a half hour later, I noticed a little spotting (which I had expected). The area was a little sore, which I assumed was from the penetration, and didn't worry about it too much. The next morning, I noticed a lot more blood while urinating (twice). Naturally, I just assumed that I had just begun my period, and so I started wearing a pad. [I was expecting my period to come a little later, about a week.>

But after a few days, I've noticed that there is little-to-no blood in-between my trips to the restroom (as in I only notice blood while urinating). The blood is a little more brightly-colored than I remember my periods being (or I could be exaggerating out of worry), but it doesn't hurt/itch/sting at all. The pain from penetration has completely gone away, and if it wasn't for the blood, I wouldn't have noticed anything odd at all.

I've read that if the blood is brightly colored and it is painful to urinate, I could have a UTI or STD, etc. I'm also worried because I've heard that the spotting should be minimal and only last a few days. Yet I am on the third day of bleeding...

I haven't seen a doctor yet, and am hoping that I could just be worried over no reason since I'm a bit "new" at this, and that I don't need to go through all of that. If all the symptoms I've written seem normal after losing virginity, please let me know, because I am really worried. And if these symptoms sound irregular, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can see a doctor and try and have something done...

ajohnson08099 responded:
I think it's very possible that it is just the bleeding the commonly happens with the loss of virginity. It could have a lot to do with his size, there is a lot to get used to in an experience like that. I wouldn't be too alarmed. If it last any longer that a week maybe you should contact a dr. But spotting like that can last for a little bit. Especially if your man was new to it too. Its hard to be careful when you don't know exactly which areas are more prone to hurt. You may think you guys were careful, but it was a very new experience for you as well and the feeling and sensations you had with your first time will change as you have more encounters.

Hope this helps.
sarahogan responded:
When I lost my virginity, I bled a lot and not just the first time, but every time I had sex for about a month. I think that's probably what yours is. Does it hurt when you urinate? If not, it's probably just from loss of virginity rather than a uti and if you're both virgins with no sexual contact prior to this, it's most likely not a std.

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