Anal Sex effects on Hysterectomy and Anal Orgasm
Arbie66 posted:
Me and my Girlfriend are always having cybersex. She is in Canada and I am in Asia. We are using sex toys while playing with our sex organs and while watching. She have asurgery last year and her uterus and ovary was removed. She is not allowed to have sexual intercourse till the wound inside is completely healed.
To satisfy our needs specially hers, she is using now the vibrator on her anus like an anal sex. She is satidfied with the result and she love it and feel orgasm on her ass.
I noticed the when she reach orgasm through anal insertion of the vibrator, there are some white sticky fluid coming out and also in the vibrator. Is it possible that something coming out from her ass when she is having anal orgasm? Is there any side effect if she is inserting completely the 7 inches vibrator on her ass and it will not affect her surgery?

I am hoping to receive any advice from our reader and experts.

georgiagail responded:
The rectum contains mucus. This is what you are seeing.

Her surgery did not involve the anus or large intestine. If there is no blood present (vaginally) after all of this, there is no problem.

Arbie66 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks Gail! This information is helpul.