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Swarovski Necklace!!
kev32 posted:
I bought my fiance a Swarovski heart necklace for Valentines Day..Two hours after i gave it to her she says she doesnt want! it was a pink crystal heart, 1/2 inch wide with a nice chain. $130.00. It looked really good on her. She was very rude to me today. I only get to see her for two hours today and half the time she was on facebook. i made a nice dinner with a heart shape ice cream cake. she totally blew me off. Should take back the necklace??

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jjchosenjj responded:
If I were you I'd be paying a lil bit more attention to whats going on with your relationship. Something definetely doesnt seem right.
Indiaguerita responded:
Yep...take the necklace back (since she already said she doesn't want it) and I would also find a new girlfriend...she sounds awful.

Sorry you're having a crappy V-day.

kev32 replied to Indiaguerita's response:
kev32 replied to jjchosenjj's response:
thanks! i think she is bi sexual...i have a discussion on her sexuality somewhere on here...everybody is pointing me in the right direction i just dont know where the hell i am going.........thanks again
GAP1954 replied to kev32's response:
time to move on. no one has to end up the "bad" one in this deal - just move on and find someone who appreciates you - and you don't have to buy her crystals - some women just don't like what you think is great.
enjoli991 responded:
give it to me lol jk jk but facebook sucks
longduckdong46 replied to enjoli991's response:
kev, She's your fiance for crying out loud. You better get to the root of the problem now ,instead of the day after the wedding.
Major red flags going up here.
kev32 replied to longduckdong46's response:
great answer.........

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