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Just a question about a man having 2 orgasms during intercourse
An_214772 posted:
I have been with my bf for a number of years and recently for the first time not just for us but for him the first time EVER, while we had intercourse he had an orgasm but instead of being done as was usual he kept going and was able to achieve a second one. We are both in our early 30's, I'm just wondering if this is normal or if others have had this happen. Trust me I loved it but it did catch me off guard lol
georgiagail responded:
Since you've been with this fellow for a number of years and report this is first time this has happened, one has to say that this isn't a particularly normal occurrence.

GuardSquealer responded:
It is a fairly normal occurence. It has happened to me before. Especially when I was younger, easier to excite, or with a new partner. But on a good day when everything is going very well it still may occur. Just try to let it happen on its own though. To much pressure to repeat the performance may keep it from happening again.
longduckdong46 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
It has never happened to me. I've done alot of round two's in a short period of time but that was probably 15 - 20 years ago. As age creeps up those moments tend to disappear.

He must have been very excited and aroused by you.
An_214773 responded:
I can do this sometimes while masturbating. When I get close, I stop and have mild orgasm contractions in my penis and ejaculate a few small spurts and then I can continue and have a second full blown orgasm.

Can't do it with a woman though, just go right over the edge and am finished!
An_214774 responded:
I've done this before, not as often now as a few year ago, but, I can. Several factors are involved for us.
If I come inside her, and then she goes down on me, I can. Or if she masturbates me after being inside her, I can as well.
If I cum another way first, and then go inside her, about the only way I can come again inside her is from behind, either her on her knees, or on her belly, both with her legs together. Friction is the big thing here. Also, if I do her anally, that works too.
I'll say this too, if she wears my favorite lingerie, it helps tremendously. She knows I love her to dress up, and she does most of the time, one way or another. We love to role play, and that helps too.
J5DC2 responded:
Very normal, I am in my late 40s and I am able to do this whenever I want. I used to do it fairly frequent when I was in 30s. I must say I was never able to do it when I was younger, like when I was a teen and in my 20s.

Enjoy it!

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