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masterbation while sleeping
senaafm posted:
dear expert,
i ve been encountering this issue for quite a few months now,the issue is that i feel that i masturbate while i am asleep.the signs which make me feel so are that i find my clitoris swollen and my leg muscles pretty stretched after i get up,what are the causes of this happening?i certainly donot want to masturbate.
i am 26 years old,married for 2 years,satisfied with my sexual life,healthy and active.
looking forward to your prompt response.
BalconyBelle responded:
I'm not a webMD expert, but what you've described sounds perfectly normal--'wet dreams' can happen to both men and women, and it in no way indicates that you aren't happy with your sex life. It's the result of the most powerful sexual organ you have (your brain) still functioning while you sleep.

In all likelihood, your subconscious is dreaming of your husband and the things you do together; it would be more surprising if dreaming of this didn't provoke some sort of physical response. If you can't remember the dreams upon waking, don't worry about it. Not very many people can remember dreaming once they wake up, but EVERYBODY dreams.

I'd take it as proof positive at your sex life is great--So much so that just thinking about doing things with your husband, whether your awake or sleeping, is enough to get you in the mood. It's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about; it's NORMAL. Chances are as long as you continue to be satified with your sex life, the dreams will sporadically continue--think of it as your subconsicous' version of instant replay.
sarahogan responded:
What you are experiencing is a normal part of sleep patterns. Everyone, including men do this, most don't remember it in the morning though. It is estimated that men get an erection many times a night, and women get aroused many times a night as well. Men often will have an orgasm and ejaculate, women will often orgasm as well. Technically it's not considered masturbation because it's an involuntary response - masturbation is something done deliberately. I don't know about you, but when it happens to me, I'm usually NOT touching myself, so therefore, I'm not even physically stimulating myself, it's all automatic and involuntarily. (not that I mind, I actually quite enjoy it)

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