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Pain during deep penetration and staying wet
Chelleybuns posted:
I am 19 years old and have recently been experiencing a slight pain in my lower abdomen during sex when my boyfriend goes very deep, or when he fingers me really deep. The pain is intense at first, but as I become more aroused it either goes away or I just don't notice it as much. This happens in most positions esp from the back, but not side by side or when I'm on top. What could be the cause of this?

I was also wondering how I can stay wet for longer as I dry up very quickly after reaching orgasm when being fingered before sex, or sometimes halfway through sex I will dry up then it becomes very painful which causes my to be turned off-which disappoints my bf. I use KY lube, i think it is oil based but I don't really like it that much because it's so greasy. Maybe I should try a different lube?
Elle0317 responded:
Sounds like he is hitting your cervix. The more aroused a woman is the more it will lift up and your vagina lengthens, ask him to not go so deep until you are fully aroused.

Yes, us women are not fountains of lubricant if you feel yourself drying up during sex use a lube, I prefer astroglide myself as I found KY too goopy and it doesn't taste very good either. If you can try to save your orgasm for intercourse, to avoid drying up during it.
Chelleybuns replied to Elle0317's response:
Oh I never knew that, I always ask him to start out slow but he gets so excited you know...but I will be more direct and firm in what I want. I'll look into the astroglide because you're right the KY is gross tasting
Sunset89 replied to Chelleybuns's response:
My bf and I use baby oil. It works great!
GuardSquealer replied to Sunset89's response:
Baby oil is a bad idea. It can cause infections and isn't meant to be used internally. I would look into a water based or silicone type lubricant. Astroglide or WET are both very good.
jewel230220 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
You also might want to try a silicon lube...the WET platinum is awesome and I love that it doesn't get all sticky like the water based lubes.
Karen Luster, MD responded:
1. The uterus can "point" in different directions. The cervix is just the opening of the uterus so it can point up or down a bit or simply straight forward. When hit from the "wrong position" some women just experience pain. The cervix sometimes can be hit and there is pain and sometimes it can be hit and there is no pain.

The vagina is like the penis it comes in different depths. So ladies with "less" depth to their vagina may experience more pain on deep penetration just because of anatomical limitation.

New onset pain with penetration can be a sign of infection. This would tend to occur with any type of penetration whether "deep or normal"

2. Historically regular "KY" jelly original (white is water based) was created for use with medical equipment, not sex. For sex it may be better for most people to use lubrications that are created for sex. These are water based which do not damage condoms. Any oils including baby oil should not be used for sex. They deteriorate condoms. This can lead to all the things condoms are used to prevent: transmission of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Also, oil and water does not mix so you can harbor remnants of oil inside the vagina or rectum helping increasing chances increasing irritation of the vagina or rectum. Just think of it this way. If you spill cooking oil (or any oil) on you skin how long you have to wash to get it off. Now imagine that is your sensitive areas. That's a lot of soap and a lot of "scrubbing".
An_214984 responded:
you might want to see your dr about this. i started having pain when my husband went deep and let it go until i couldn't stand it any more. when i finally went to the dr i was told that i had a fibroid tumer the size of a grapefruit on my uterus. this resulted in a total hysterectomy at the age of 32. better safe than sorry hun. go see your doc. good luck
FCL replied to An_214984's response:
I'm just curious - how long ago was this and did your doctor offer any other solution to your fibroid?
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