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A real hard nut to penetrate
dudenu posted:
Am a young guy in his late 20's. I love and enjoy sex for what it is like every other guy.recently it seems i may have to struggle to enjoy sex again or rather have to hurt someone in order to feel good again.for reason unrelated to sex i broke up with ma gurlfrnd.since then i ve not been able to settle down with another gurl. eventually i got a real sexy babe. but she is really big ,like me 3times. she isnt the first fat gurl i ve dated but her case has got a question mark. we ve had two attempts for sex but am getting too hard to penetrate her.we could play and do other aspect of sex but i cant enjoy that in and out movement cos of her heavy and big thighs. and her stuff appears too deep in the thighs. am thinking of quitting and get a slim gurl. i will appreciate any advice that will work.
3point14 responded:
Try other positions or try to only have sex with people you're completely attracted to.
Cutie84 responded:
Uhm, like 3point14 said try other positions, like doggy....
dudenu replied to Cutie84's response:
thanks for your suggestions. really I ve tried the doggy. it didnt work. the flesh on her buttocks and thighs is much. I think ma dick is too short to give a good penetration. cos of this difficulty I only use cunnilingus to get her high. but am somewhat cheated. am seriously thinking to quit,though she is really sexy.
An_215115 responded:
been there ..done that...had me one about 400 and some change..we tryed missionery but could not get her legs far apart for me to get in there ...yes i did lose a good erection that nite but we tryed doggie style with the lites on and it was a nasty sight too..i saw all her stuff hangin down there with all the fat and she had to suck me to get me hard ..never again no matter what will i ever try that again..
Cutie84 replied to An_215115's response:
Wow, I know that you can express your thoughts. But did you have to be so rude about it and so detailed. You might actually hurt someone's feelings like that. What you wrote was a little brutal to be honest. I do not think that was necessary.
longduckdong46 replied to dudenu's response:
Have you tried with her on top , and facing you ? Big bod usually equals BIG Boobs. Are you a boob guy ?

You state she is really sexy, and that comes in all sizes.

Have fun dudenu !
_Sailor_ responded:
Try Female Superior (cow girl) as someone suggested, this works, another method is for her to lift her legs while she is on her back, you lie sideways under her butt, and have at it that way you don't have to support any weight.

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