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I'm a guy who can only ejaculate from oral and not from regular intercourse
An_215184 posted:
I used to be able to orgasm normally just like any other guy but I dated a girl for a few years and she only let me ejaculate in her mouth. Nowhere else not on her, in her, in a condom, or on kleenex for that matter. We broke up because she got promoted and needed to move across the country.

This was a couple years ago and since then I've gained a lovely fiance. The thing is now I can't ejaculate unless it's in her mouth or if I'm masturbating by myself and even then it takes a long time. My fiance doesn't mind really but I would like to be able to ejaculate through the normal ways. In the future this could be a problem when we decide to have children as well, unless we go for artificial insemination. Well I guess I would have to reach the point of no return in her mouth and quickly insert my penis back into her vagina.

Thank you for any suggestions
An_215186 responded:
This sounds similar to something i like to do. i will tell a girl that the only way I can come is if she orally stimulates my testicles while I masterbate. This is completely untrue though , but gives me away to ejaculate on their face.
GuardSquealer replied to An_215186's response:
Hey Anon,
They removed your post from last night stating the same thing. I don't think they found it to be appropriate.
An_215187 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
Well, now i know. Just tellin the truth. Sorry to of offended anyone.
Elle0317 replied to An_215187's response:
Far from appropriate, and very offensive. Do you have any respect for women at all? Would you say what you wrote to your mother or grandmother? Didn't think so.
HairyD responded:
This is a example of how a male is able because of masturbation or other position train their penis not have a full sex life.

I would continue to masturbating to ejaculation; use alot of lubication and be patience. Then use your own comment and quickly insert your penis back into her vagina. If your are able keep your flaccid penis in her. Repeat your foreplay of licking, nipping, etc. If you are able to get a second erection do pull your penis out until you have a organsm. It may take a long time and it could be painful. But be patience.
An_215188 replied to Elle0317's response:
Well like I said before.....sorry to have offended anyone. However, there are many things that I wouldnt say to my mother or grandmother even though what is being said may be appropriate. Some conversations are ok to have with most people, but you just dont have them with certain people in your family regardless if there appropriate or not. Again I apologize for offending anyone.

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